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Hyde, Jekyll and I Episode 13 - The Snark Is Strong in This Blogger

I am not sure if it is because I am sick or if it is because this show is just pushing my last nerve after the unpleasant ep 12 (Hint: I did NOT enjoy it).  Whatever the reason, I just feel the urge to complain about a few things that have gotten on my nerves when it comes to this show and specifically things in this episode.  Just a friendly warning, Kmuse is cranky so proceed with caution and know that next week I will probably be back to my more unbiased self.  So anticipate a lot of snark and a bunch of photos this recap.

Quick comment about the end of Episode 12
Unlike my co-blogger, I was GREATLY underwhelmed with the emergence of "Terry" our evil personality.  In concept, I love the twist, but the execution of the scene left a lot to be desired.  Personally when I heard about Terry I was so excited.  What could be better than Hyun Bin being awesomely sexy and evil?  But what we were given was Hyun Bin doing an impersonation of our leading lady Ha Na.  And since Ha Na could not create a non blank expression if she tried, that says it all.
At the beginning of episode 13, Dr Kang has been rescued and Ha Na is hugging Robin.  My thoughts are on the location of our bad guy, but I guess that has slipped everyone else's minds. As Robin and HaNa exit the building the cops request that they come to the police Office to provide a statement on the kidnapping, discovery of, and I would assume, the reveal of the true bad guy (aka Hot Doc).  Instead the couple says they will be by later and then walk away.  What the cobbed corn people!  Why are you more important than catching the crazed killer running about?  GRRRRRR... Stupid writing and stupid characters.
HaNa and Robin quickly go home to have some supportive snuggle time.  Ha Na agrees to be by Robin's side and support him so he doesn't have to worry.  Unfortunately for all of us (and probably the plot that will be stretched out over the next 6 episodes), she fails to tell the guy about Terry.  You know, the homicidal personality that he is completely unaware of.  The personality that comes out when he feels threatened or stressed.  Sigh.... You are a totally idiot OTP (one true pairing) since we all know that communication is key, especially when other personalities are involved. .  Never thought I would say this, but maybe it would be better if she was his therapist.  Ethics be damned! At least then Ha Na would understand the disease she is dealing with.   
On a positive note, Ha Na does understand that she needs to save both Robin and Seo Jin and is open to the possibility of loving them both.  This does not go over well with Robin who snaps "How can you divide love?" and storms off.  My thought is it is probably easier than dividing your personality.  And also, What about poor homicidal Terry?  Where's his love.  Hahaha.
OK, I know that the producer really really really loves this song.  But enough already.  If I hear the words "Because of You" sung one more time, I am going to take up drinking.  Just so I can play a drinking game and become so inebriated that I can't comprehend whether this stupid song is playing or not.  It's not romantic.  It does not put me in the OTP mood.  It annoys me.  It is screechy and ineffective.  Use sparingly, and give some other song a chance to move my emotions. 
In my discussion group for this drama, someone made the guess that Dr Kang would not be able to make it to the hospital.  At the time I thought, noooooooo... they would not do something that dumb.  But color me wrong, they totally went there.  Sure enough, a passed out Dr Kang is kidnapped yet again by our wily evil Hot Doc.  This brings some snarky questions to mind.  Why would there only be one driver and no EMT's in the ambulance?  Why would the original driver not comment "where's my freaking ambulance" at the crime scene when finding out that he is without a ride?  Why don't they ping the vehicle's GPS (this is 2015 people, every police car and emergency vehicle has one) and figure out where the M.I.A. patient is?  Obviously this is something we viewers are not supposed to think too deeply about and is just another example of the writers assuming we have no thoughts beyond the single layered plot that they provide.
Our dueling personas put their romantic fight on hold in order to figure out who is out to get them.  Via a video chat, Robin proves he is more than just a smiling face, by commenting that the bad guy must be close to them to know so much information (YES! YES!  It is the only person near you that you have discussed your issues with and is the right age.  Make the connection already).  Or..... they might have a mole close to them.  Obviously there is no brain storming going on as Seo Jin (oh he looks so hot) and Ha Na sport slightly surprised, yet oh so blank, expressions.
Finally Seo Jin (after finding out that Dr Kang has once again been abducted) puts on his big boy thinking hat and plans a way to expose his childhood friend.  Seo Jin sends a text to the "bad guy" which informed him that Hot Doc's father was in cahoots with the kidnapper back in the day.  The only way for Hot Doc to confirm this is with the original kidnapper himself.  When someone approaches the jailed kidnapper, Seo Jin plans on catching the culprit and saving Dr Jang.  Sure enough Hot Doc is busy trying to finagle his way into the prison that is not only housing the kidnapper, but also the fake Lee Soo Hyun.  Seo Jin is starting to suspect that Professor Yoon (Hot Doc) might be involved since Soo Hyun would need the help of a hypnotist, or be a hypnosis himself to pull everything off.  Let's not forget the facts that he is also someone close to them, someone who had access to Ha Na's phone (to send a scheduled text), and someone who always wears hideous turtlenecks to hide a neck scar. The guy is literally doing everything except twirling an evil mustache as he plots.  Let's call him guilty and move on with the romance.
Speaking of romance.... Seo Jin takes Ha Na on a walk to discuss their current predicament.  Unlike Robin, he says that he agrees to Ha Na loving both of them and is comfortable with the arrangement.  And since Seo Jin understands that Ha Na is not the type of person to implement the three way lovin' until Robin agrees, he will continue to love her from a distance.  At least until Robin gets over himself and decides that a three way with his other personality is OK.  Or until Ha Na is so overcome by his sexy confident charisma that she jumps him and plants a smooch on his perfect lips.  Sigh... I don't know how Ha Na has managed to make a menage a twa with two Hyun Bin personalities so boring.
OK, the romance is not that exciting either.  Let's just jump back to Hot Doc and see how his plans are going.  Hmmm... looks like it is a go on getting into the prison to "dehypnotize" the fake Soo Hyun.  We also learn that the police department really is full of idiots.  Idiots that have at one time or another allowed Hot Doc to hypnotize them for various reasons (weight, smoking, just because they are not bright....etc).  At least I got to listen to a semi descent song during this scene (a song he uses to trigger his hypnoses).  Oh no!  What if I was just hypnotized into thinking this show is actually good?  Ooops, false alarm, it still sucks.  Phewwww.  Dodged that bullet.
Hot Doc succeeds in getting permission to enter the prison at which time he orders his fake to hunt down the kidnapper and find out the truth of a possible partner.  Glad to know that Hot Doc does not even have to fake hypnotizing the poor schmuck anymore.  Not sure which is worse. Believing that Hot Doc can hypnotize almost anyone at anytime to do anything, with only a song and a marble or getting to that point where the writers don't even try to show him doing hypnotist things.  Now he just has to say the words and the person will do what he says.  Which is why we see Fake Soo Hyun hunting down the kidnapper in the prison's barbershop.  
But even the best laid evil plans don't always turn out the way we want them.  This is a truism that Hot Doc learns firsthand when the "fake" him beats the kidnapper to a point of unconsciousness. Just more proof that you shouldn't mess with crazy.
Hot Doc's reaction to finding out was kind of amusing since he was unsure on whether the reaction was because of the kidnappers answer or because Fake Soo Hyun is just bat crap crazy.  Hot Doc is also unable to find out since the fake has been put in solitary confinement. Don't you know that you don't send a crazy underling to do an evil mastermind's job?
Robin continues in his decent towards a life as a whiny man child.  Robin again tells Seo Jin that he refuses to share Ha Na since, unlike Seo Jin, he doesn't see them as being the same person.  Unfortunately for those of us who are on team Seo Jin, Robin's will to survive seems to have gotten stronger.  According to the specialist that jerk dad flew out from the US, Robin's ego seems to be getting stronger... blah blah blah..... more time between their personality switches .... blah blah blah... eventually Seo Jin might disappear. 
But wait!  Is that a small sliver of hope I see on the plot's horizon?  It seems that Robin took a second out of his romantic whining to team up with Seo Jin and catch the bad guy.  Sure it was so Ha Na would stop worrying about Seo Jin, but I'll take it.  They figure out that it is indeed Hot Doc who is the real Lee Soo Hyun and devise a plan to catch him.  Seo Jin fakes being Robin and tells Hot Doc that he needs to see him because he remembers the kidnapping.  Hot Doc is ecstatic over this news since Robin is susceptible to his hypnotist wiles (unlike Seo Jin).
Just as the drama finally begins to build some suspense and make me the tiniest bit interested in the plot, they decide to add a scene with this buffoon.  Why is he still alive?  Is there any point whatsoever to his existence as a character?  Even the stupid cheer leading girl has more point to the storyline.  Way to break my focus off the main story and confirm my negative feelings stupid writers.
My Thoughts:
At this point in my marriage to this drama, I am sticking around for our blogging recap child.  I don't care about the bad guys, good guys, buffoonish guys listening to the side of random vans, this viewer has officially taken her emotions and gone elsewhere.  That's right drama, I am emotionally cheating on you with other shows.  One positive is that Hyun Bin is still hot!  The downside is that even his talented acting skills can not save a drama with a sub par plot and a leading lady that can't make more than one expression.  
And on a side note.  Whatever happened to Terry?  You introduce a character/personality and then literally do not mention it all....not even once.  At this point poor Terry has the character presence of buffoon boy, which is never a good thing when introducing an important plot twist.

I would also like to send a quick apology to all of you loving this drama.  I do understand why. If I did not have to sit here and dissect it while feeling all bleck, I would probably be a lot more positive.  But when you have to closely examine all the details on a drama that is full of one layered fluff, it can be hard to remain upbeat.  Again, I am sure I will be feeling more perky next week (at least i hope so) and my blogging will reflect that.  In the meantime, remember to watch for Dongsaeng's thoughts of ep 14 in the next day or two.  

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  1. I haven't started this drama but I was so compelled to read this and I laughed my butt off. I'm a little busy watching HJM stare blankly and cry on cue in "Cain and Abel" right now. One drama win her is enough. I had a sinking feeling about this drama, I get mad and madder at writers for many of the exact reasons you did in this post. The lack of logic and/or attention to detail astounds and annoys me. I've learned to drop dramas for that, like I recently did after 7 episodes of stupidity with "Golden Cross" I mean no offense to the fans, I know to each his own, but just couldn't anymore with that one. And that made me sad, I have the feeling it would be the same with HJAI. :/ but eventually I'll give it a try.

    1. Hahaha... I had to drop Golden Cross as well. Was so thankful when the stupid sister died, but then lead guy turned into an idiot.

    2. And I really wanted to strangle some sense into the so-called 'star' Prosecutor running to her evil father every 2 minutes and getting everyone killed each time.

    3. Yup, everyone was 100% unintelligent in that drama. If you want that style where the writing is amazing, try the drama "Punch". One of my favorites.


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