Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's Eat 2 - The Battle of the Seasons

We are three weeks into the sequel to TvN's foodie hit "Let's Eat" and I decided it is time for an initial review.  I had originally been dabbling with the idea of recapping this one, but thanks to the slow subbing that idea was nixed.  So instead you get my opinions (ep 1-6) all in one blog post.  What I liked, what was better in the original, etc.

Let's all admit that it is impossible to judge this drama on its own. I am constantly comparing everything from the food scenes, the leading ladies, and the extra characters to the first drama.  So I am not even going to pretend I am not.  That is why we are going to have a face off recap.  Which of the dramas does various categories better?  So let's jump in and see which version floats to the top of the kdrama soup bowl.

The Extended Cast (WINNER- Season 1)
Both dramas rely heavily on an ensemble character driven plot.  Quirky characters abound and everyone really seems to love food (not to mention have money to eat out constantly).  So which one wins when it comes to entertaining quirky characters?
Season 1 had a great combination of fun neighbors and co-workers.  The chemistry between them all was very comfortable and it really felt like they had created a kind of loose knit family.
Season 2 is lacking some of the casual closeness for me.  The characters seem a bit more pigeonholed and lack that comfort level that we saw in season 1.  It might be a case of the writers trying too hard to recreate that ensemble cast magic, but that means that season 1 wins in this catagory.
The Bromance (WINNER-Season 2)
Season 1 was a bit slow on the bromance level.  It eventually showed up when Goo Dae Young decided to help Lawyer Kim with his relationship problems.  We had that really cute memorable scene in the coffee shop between the two, but the bromance soon came to an end when they became competitors for the same woman.
Season 2 jumped onto the bromance train right from the beginning by making Goo Dae Young and our leading ladies crush, Sang Woo, quick besties.  In an effort to help Baek Soo Ji win the man of her dreams, Goo Dae Young approaches the reserved boss, only to find that his conservativeness is all a facade.  Gay jokes abound as the two are often in situations that make them seem more than just "friends".  The shower scene was so amusing as even Dae Young realized that having two men this close in the showers is going to be misconstrued.
I personally am loving that Dae Young is playing the role of "other woman" in the storyline.  Will Soo Ji be able to break up the bromance and win her man?  Only time will tell.

The Mystery (WINNER- Season 1)
While season 2 has had some creepy moments here and there, nothing compares to the fear I had when they had the hand sneak out from under the bed in season 1.  Now that was truly creepy. 
The Food (WINNER - Season 1)
With the exception of an especially yummy Indian food scene in ep 4, season 2 has been greatly lacking in food porn.  Sure they still have food and tons of eating, but the magic just isn't there.  I usually am waiting for the food scenes to get over so we can get back to the story.  Sorry, season 2, you lost this one.
The Leading Lady (WINNER - Season 2)
Sooooooo.... I might be a tiny bit biased when it comes to this category since Seo Hyun Jin is one of my favorite leading ladies.  It is impossible not to be entertained by Hyun Jin and she does obsessive likable quirky to a tee.
And while season 1's leading lady was perfectly adequate and had a fun storyline, when it comes to being really funny, she is left in the dust.
Goo Dae Young (WINNER SEASON 2)
You might be asking how the same character can be better in one season over the other?  I am mostly basing this on the depth we see in his personality.  In season 1 he was this magnetic quirky guy next door.  We almost always saw Dae Young in a positive light, despite his messy apartment, and somewhat mysterious background.  Even when he was turning into the romantic lead, we just saw the shiny outline of his personality.
However in season 2, we see Goo Dae Young's fears, his failures, and more of his all around humanity.  Sure Dae Young is still the fast talking nice guy who loves food and sells insurance.  But on top of that is the guy who is tired and unsure of his future.  The guy who has to work hard to sell insurance and help his friend.  We see that Dae Young is more than just the insurance king he was in season 1.
After tallying up all the wins we end up with a TIE!  That is right, season 1 and 2 are equally good and you should be watching both of them!  There is a chance that season 2 could sink in the second half of the drama, but considering the solid writing and the simple concept, I doubt there will be any major upsets.  It all comes down to what you personally are looking for in the drama.  If you want to yummy food and quirky side stories then I would suggest season 1.  If you are looking for a deeper connection between the leads and a more focused story then go with season 2.  Either way, you will not be coming out of the experience a loser.
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  1. Totally agree!! Until the Indian restaurant experience...the food left me..left me...left me!

    1. I still have a craving for Indian food now. That looked delicious.

  2. Woah,,, great analyze. Yes, DY's character more seem like human in this session


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