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Hyde, Jekyll and I ep 12: Seo Jin's Plus One, er, Two

Mr Dangorgeous

Well, well, things kind of got a little crazy this week. Lots to talk about this time around. So many different things to talk about - where should we even start? Should we start with the baby-faced villain that is crazypants and on a hypnotic rampage causing mayhem and trouble wherever he turns? Or the power-seeking cousin who finds out Seo Jin's deepest, darkest secret and gets the company turned over to him without him having to even fire a shot? How about that girl,
WhatsherfaceasifIactuallycarewhichIdon't, finding out about Robin's true identity? Maybe we should address first the whole mysterious event of 5 years ago that we finally, 12 episodes later, get to learn about. Or, better yet, uhm, hello - there's a third personality here we are just finding out about. That and Dr Kang's rescue which are kind of linked so it's impossible to unravel one without the other. Basically, yeah, there's a lot here to get into, so I'll dispense with the ramblings pleasantries and get right to it.

Okay, first things first. Yes, we have added another personality to our little shindig here, and this personality, Terry, is the subject of "the incident" that occurred 5 years ago. You know, that event that no one wants to talk about yet keeps mentioning? Yeah, that one. 5 years ago, Seo Jin and Robin fell for the same girl. Robin, who's major weakness is his validity of existence, got upset and tried to kill himself. He approached Dr Kang in an effort to make himself disappear. At the last moment, he changes his mind and a dangerous and violent new personality emerges - Terry. Terry tries to kill Dr Kang, people rush in to save her, and an unknown number of these rescuers(?) are hurt in the process. Okay, so we're not exactly flush with great details here, but the essence and crux of the matter remains the same - there is a third personality supposedly actually created by Robin, not Seo Jin, that is Mr Danger Zone. After the "Terry Incident", Robin disappeared for 5 years and Seo Jin led a precarious and ultra-calculated life in a guarded effort to never let Terry emerge again. He swore that no one would ever get hurt because of him again. Hypnotic Hot Dr Evil eventually finds out about Terry (through hypnotizing Ha Na) and uses this against Seo Jin, but we'll get back to that. 

I am going to interject here for just a second and mention that I am intrigued by and entertained by this idea of the bad guy being a psychiatric doctor that can hypnotize people. It's not every day that a villain such as this comes into our lives. So much of what is going wrong now is due to him being a) crazypants and b) skilled at messing with minds. It really is an interesting and creative way to bad guy-up a story. Definitely not something you see in every drama, which is something I'm always grateful for when I see. Add in that he's hot and a serious over-actor and,well, it's hard to tear your eyes away from that kind of action now, isn't it?  ;)

Speaking of our resident crazypants Hypnotic Hot Doc, it would seem as if his memories of what happened when he and Seo Jin were kidnapped might not be as solid as he assumes. Seo Jin, in remembering his own forgotten past, has dug up other details in addition to the ones HHD wanted him to dig up - details and truths that will repaint the picture of what actually happened in a different way than HHD currently sees. I am so very curious to know what these mysterious truths may be. We will have to be patient though as these things were not revealed quite yet. Oh, and HHD reacts to this idea that Seo Jin remembers these extra things as any crazy man would - by getting even more crazypants on us. So fun!

Now for the cousin. Through his own sleuthing, he is able to uncover the truth of Seo Jin's illness and tries to use that as leverage to earn his way into the CEO seat of the company. He starts by threatening Daddy Dearest, who doesn't give in to the threats, much like he didn't give into the threats made by the kidnappers all those years ago (a fact that we finally get to confirm he feels regret for - woohoo! There is some humanity and fatherly-ness to him after all). An emergency board meeting is called and, just as cousin is about to reveal Seo Jin's secret plight, Seo Jin himself speaks up and recommends his cousin for the CEO job as well as requests a 6 month leave of absence for himself. He is bound and determined to get his life in order, and this is how he sees fit to do so and fight for his right to live the life he wants to live. Good for him! I love how Secretary Kwon is like his own personal cheerleader through all of this.

And who can forget cousin's celebrating in the men's room? I'm glad they've gone lighthearted with his character - he definitely has his very entertaining moments. I guess I don't hate him as much as I used to.

Poor little Whatsherface finds out the truth about her beloved Robin and his condition. She doesn't take it well.

I wonder why her dad knew about it though. Was that ever explained? What exactly is their relationship anyway? He's just kind of "there" as a fixture in Robin's life - privy to all his secrets and history.

What else significant came out of this episode? Seo Jin admits that he loves Ha Na and that that love is what is changing him and makes him want to face his demons head-on.

Ha Na learns, much to her mortification, that the night she confessed to who she thought was Robin was actually Seo Jin. Ha ha.

Doctor Kang tries to escape, but is unsuccessful and then eventual caught by Psycho Psych (hey, his name just changed again). Dr Kang then, after their many chats together, realizes that Psycho Psych is just as much in need of healing as Seo Jin is and vows then and there to not try to escape again or leave him, even if he were to let her go. She recognizes that both of these guys need each other in order to fix the wrongs of the past. Very noble of her. But he's still a crazy man and she better watch her back.

Robin wants to himself. Without being exterminated. And he wants to live with Ha Na. And Psycho Psych really loves the dramatic and gas.

Psycho Psych uses hypnosis on Ha Na to find out about Terry, and then lures Robin to a theater under the guise of a text from Ha Na about needing to talk. Robin shows up at the theater to find Dr Kang strapped to a chair on stage.
Robin is fed all these ideas and images on screen about how Dr Kang plans to eliminate him. This is Robin's flaw, his weakness - his desperation to be real, to truly exist, to feel as if he is an actual person in his own right and not just a creation of Seo Jin's mind. And, he wants to live. He has found love and is desperate to hold onto it and to not fade away again.

Psycho Psych gets the sought-after results when, his very existence threatened, scary Terry appears.

Ruh roh. Things look a little troublesome for Dr Kang.

Remember that the last (and only) time Terry surfaced, he tried to kill Dr Kang for this very reason - in an effort to survive. Thankfully for her though, things really are different this time. This time Ha Na is on the phone and is able to coax Robin back, banishing Terry.

Robin then turns around and saves Dr Kang. As they start to escape the theater, Psycho Psych has one more "trick" up his sleeve - his old stand-by, remote-controlled noxious gasses. Really.

The room fills with gas, there's a lot of gasping, but eventually they are able to escape. Dr Kang, who we've been looking for this entire series, is now rescued from her captor. I have to tell you, this is the part out of the whole episode that most intrigues me. It begs the question - what now? She KNOWS who the bad guy is. She knows why he's the bad guy. Won't everyone now know who the bad guy is and why and won't all the mysteries be solved? How are we going to extract 8 more episodes from this drama now? If she gets gas-induced amnesia, I will rage-quit this drama right now. It's more likely that Psycho Psych has put a little hypnotic spell on her to keep her mouth shut. Or maybe, just maybe, she, in an effort to "save" him as promised, will voluntarily not disclose his identity. I guess there is still the chance that his identity will be revealed, yet his dastardly deeds continue on. I just don't know. I can barely even hazard a guess at this stage. We'll have to stick around and see what happens is all I can say.

My concluding thoughts on this episode - not bad. Really. I think it continues to pick up steam. While there are little holes and snags along the way, overall, it's turned into a lot more solid drama than I expected it to after the first little bit. I love the psychological thriller aspect of it all. Specifically, as mentioned earlier, that the bad guy can hypnotize people quite effectively. He's kinda scary dangergorgeous dangerous. I look forward to seeing where we go from here.

~D o n g s a e n g

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