Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Seo In Guk Confirmed as Lead for "Hello Monster"

In a move no one saw coming (seriously, there was not even a rumor swirling about), Seo In Guk has been confirmed (although a few places still say considering, but just as many say confirmed) as the lead for the upcoming romantic/comedy/crime drama "Hello Monster".
He will be romancing the always talented Jang Nara (Fated to Love You) who plays a stalker (who is also a cop) to Seo In Guk's criminal profiler. Rounding out the cast is Lee Chun Hee (Dating Agency: Cyrano) as 2nd lead. Park Bo Gum (Cantabile Tomorrow)  and Exo's D.O. (It's Okay, It's Love) are also rumored to be cast, although I am not sure if these two have officially confirmed yet. This drama is written by the team behind "Protect the Boss" and the PD of "All About My Romance" (really enjoyed both dramas) so I have a feeling that we will get some really great comedic moments considering the cast.
To be honest I never would have paired up SIG and Jang Nara as an OTP, but we know that his charisma works with most costars so I have faith that things will blend together nicely.  Hello Monster airs this summer after the completion of "Who Are You - School 2015"

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  1. Gukkie Congratulations..
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