Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2nd Trailer for Masked Prosecutor: Let the Good Times Roll!

A preview of episode one of upcoming drama Masked Prosecutor (aka Man in the Mask) (aka Joo Sang Wook moonlighting as a vigilante in luchador mask) was just released and it has me all sorts of excited!

Wanna see???

We get to see more of the personality of our leads start to emerge. Now, I don't understand Korean and there are no subtitles here, but I am definitely picking up the vibe that these two just don't jive. In fact, they look like they will be hilarious playing off of each other in all their annoyance with and loathing of each other (or her annoyance/loathing towards him at least).

 I did catch the part where she called him a dog. And I laughed.

I really look forward to seeing these two - Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah - fight it out while he battles bad dudes wearing that ridiculous mask. I am curious to know how good of a fighter he will end up being. We get a quick clip of a fight scene, but it's hard for these ahjumma eyes to judge his fighting moxy in the split second we get, however, he does appear to have a pretty good command of that headlock going.

So many things to look forward to and the good news is that our wait is almost over! Masked Prosecutor premiers next Wednesday the 20th. I will for sure be tuning my internet-enabled device...once subs are out.... Oh heck, you know what I mean. Can't wait! Should be a fun, comedic little summertime jaunt!

Back hugs and big-eyed fish kisses to you all,

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  1. I don't know much about this actor, but if Kim Sun Ah is in it, I'm watching it. She never does bad work, and she's my favorite actress. I'm also excited to see that the B lead actor is Uhm Ki Joon. He and Kim Sun Ah worked so well together in Scent of a Woman.


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