Monday, May 4, 2015

Casting for Six Flying Dragons Throws Out Big Names

I know that none of these names are confirmed as of yet, but even the thought that these actors might actually accept, has me all atwitter. So since it is a slow news day (still a couple weeks til I start my new recaps), I thought I would do my part in spreading the gossip.  And what wonderful kdrama gossip it is.
The upcoming Sageuk "Six Flying Dragons" follows the rise of Yi Bang-won who will eventually become King Taejong of Joseon.  For those readers who are Saguek fans, this will actually be the prequel story to "Tree with Deep Roots".  The writers and PD are also the same as "Tree With Deep Roots" (as well as Queen Seon Deok) and there is rumors that many of the same characters (younger versions) will be showing up in the drama. 

Yoo Ah In has been offered the leading role of Ye Bang Won and I really really really hope that he accepts.  I love him in Saguek's.  He is one of those men that is just meant to do historicals.  Previously he has played the second lead in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal"  and then played the King in "Jang Ok Jung".  In my opinion, he stole the focus in both and made himself the star.  If you don't believe me just check out this FMV (no spoilers).  OH THE LIP RUBBING...........*swoon*

The part of Yoo Ah In's nemesis has been offered to Kim Myung Min (A New Leaf, King of Dramas). He would be playing the character Jung Do-jeon, a scholar politician who is the mental power behind the throne. He will stand in the way of the ambitious Ye Bang Won, but will also set the foundations of what will become Joseon.  
Our last possible casting is the current "it" boy, Byun Yo Han (Misaeng, Ex Girlfriend Club), who would be playing a swordsman and brother to the heroine. I am always happy to see good actors rise to the top and I just hope that it is a meaty role that will help him with his growing resume. 
Six Flying Dragons will air in September and since it is a huge historical and part of SBS's 25th anniversary, (I suspect extra money will be put towards the production), it will probably start filming early summer.  With 50 episodes, a large leeway before live filming, would probably benefit the drama so I suspect the cast will be confirmed sooner than later.
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  1. I will probably not watch this one because although I have watched some Sageuk's I don't enjoy politics and brothers killing each other. A Tree With Deep Roots was too sad for me. I did finish it though so maybe... However I have watched that vid twice so far. Mercy, he is just so damn hot.

    1. you might try Jang Ok Jung if you are looking for a good one to watch. It had a bit of fusion added in that helped a person get through the politics. And if nothing else you got to stare at him for 18 hrs. Six Flying Dragons is slated for 50 episodes so it is more for serious Saguek fans. At least that is what I am guessing.


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