Friday, May 8, 2015

Kim Soo Hyun Channels Adorkable in new Trailer!

We are in countdown mode here at TCA as the premier of "Producer" is only a week away. This will be one of several kdramas we will be recapping (I know you are all excited that our recaps are coming back!  It has felt like a lot longer than just a month).  And what is better then to start off the day with an official trailer?  Especially with Kim Soo Hyun looking so cute and dorky.
KMUSE- Ooooh  I was not expecting this type of character from Kim Soo Hyun.  Sure, I know he has the dorky haircut and all.  But it is Kim Soo Hyun!  Talk about a hottie fish out of water as he starts his new job.
DONGSAENG: Is it too soon to hope for a makeover?? Nah, don't worry Kim Soo Hyun, somehow you are managing to pull off the dorky haircut. Somehow. I don't say that about many. I wonder what that says about you, that you can look okay in a dorky haircut.... I kid! You are adorkable madness rolled up inside of a very undorky (read: HAWT!) shell. Do I feel a bit like a pervy noona drooling over you? Yes. But it's a side of me I've grown quite comfortable with, so please, go right on looking all Kim Soo Hyun Yum and don't mind me sitting in this proverbial tree outside of your proverbial window with these not-so-proverbial binoculars. 

KMUSE - Did anyone else notice this photo and think "No one puts baby in a corner."  Hahaha, now I want to go watch "Dirty Dancing"... Now I am thinking of a kversion of "Dirty Dancing" starring Kim Soo Hyun.  YUMMY.  As you can tell, my mind is wandering today. Hahaha

DONGSAENG: I didn't until you pointed it out, but mostly because this scene moved too quickly for me to notice anyone sitting anywhere. But now that you mention it, and throw a big arrow onto it, why yes, yes I do see what you are talking about. And fully support your Korean Dirty Dancing pitch.

KMUSE- I am kind of loving IU shedding her nice girl next door persona and channeling her inner diva witch.

DONGSAENG: I am fully on Team IU in pretty much anything. It is inexplicable really, but I am. Nice girl, diva witch - whatever. Funnily enough though, wasn't a big fan of her on stage singing which is I guess her "real" career. Go figure.  

KMUSE- It always made me roll my eyes when they tried to make me believe she was the girl next door, slightly plain looking, heroine (You're the Best Lee Soon Shin and Pretty Man).  That was always such a joke.  I like that she can be the goddess diva idol for a change.

KMUSE- This character doesn't seem as much a stretch for Gong Hyo Jin.  Maybe because she was pretty composed and aggressive in "It's Okay It's Love".  I definitely get vibes of Hyo Jin being the in charge, boss of the group. If that is what she is meant to be, then she is succeeding.

DONGSAENG: Gong Hyo Jin! Gong Hyo Jin! Gong Hyo Jin!!!  I don't have too many girl crushes, but she's one of them. I've seen her in everything (drama at least) that she has done since Pasta in 2010. I can't even claim that for most leading men out there. I'm thrilled to see her back and think she'll be able to pull this one off no problem. She is one that can do quirky and strong both so well and that's the vibe I was getting from her character in this teaser. 

KMUSE- Uhmmm.... well I know he has been in some dramas, I have watched.  But for the most part Cha Tae Hyun has never left much of an impression.  Sorry, but I will be 100% on Team Dorky Soo Hyun for this one.

DONGSAENG: Forgive my ignorance, but do you mean to say that he is the second male lead here? Wait, what? I'm seeing him listed as lead on one particular site. Well, that can't be right. I mean, uhm, Soo Hyun is in this one. Honestly, when watching this trailer, I just assumed he was some flunkie or secretary or a supporting character of some kind. I didn't recognize him because I haven't seen him in anything. And I didn't take him seriously because of his appearance. I'm sure he's fabulous and I don't mean to offend any die-hard fans out there, I'm just kind of confused as to who he is and what role exactly he will be playing. I really do like the fact that he's a bonafide oppa for me, so maybe by the end of this I will have fallen madly in love. It's entirely probable possible. 
KMUSE- From what I have gleaned from various sources, it is more of an ensemble cast.  But come on??  Does anyone believe that Kim Soo Hyun will not be the character front and center of the romance?  Guess we will have to wait and see.

KMUSE- Looks like they are going for an "Office" style format.  At least for a bit of it judging from the actors talking to the camera.  I am cool with that since I enjoy the US shows (Office, Park and Rec) that use that style of formatting.

DONGSAENG: Ooh, Kmuse, I hope you're right about that. I too am a big fan of that style format. Right off the bat, I'm excited that it looks goofy and fun and different. I really hope it will live up to the hype and expectations. No pressure though or anything.  
"Producer" begins airing on May 15th and will be only 12 episodes.  Short and sweet is not a bad thing if it is written well, so crossing my fingers for some serious power writing to go with the talented acting.
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  1. As much as you guys can't imagine KSH not being the center character in romance, I can't imagine CTH not being a lead and being a supporting character :P He's great. He's been doing movies mostly so drama audience might not be too familiar with him. I hope the drama does well in balancing the characters and give every actor a character they deserve.

    1. I look forward to being introduced to him properly. I have only seen him in 1N2D and Jeon Woo Chi which was just so so.

  2. I just have the a feeling that KSH going to end up together with GYJ just like the leads in I Hear Your Voice. I don't know about you but until the show was aired I thought Lee Bo Young was being paired up with the lawyer guy. What a pleasant surprise to find that I was wrong!!

  3. I prefer KSH as an adorable dork, as he was in Dream High. I didn't ever really buy into his suave distant demeanor in My Love from the Stars. So, good news for me if he's going back to the cute nerd thing. IU as the office witch will be odd. I enjoy her quirky adorable shtick, so it will be interesting to see if she can pull this off.


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