Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Teaser for "Masked Prosecutor" Introduces us to The Korean Lucha Libre

"Masked Prosecutor" has officially snagged my interest with this fun and quirky teaser.  The upcoming kdrama starring Joo Sang Wook (Cunning Single Lady) and Kim Sun Ah (Scent of a Woman) tells the story of  a prosecutor who is a lawyer by day and a masked vigilante at night. 
KMUSE- Always a fan of a good vigilante... or should I say a bad vigilante since it is against the law.  My moral compass always goes haywire in these type of dramas.  They are going for a modern day adaption of "Zorro" which caught my attention right away since I have many fond memories of watching the old Zorro TV show.  But I have to admit I never really saw this as a possible kdrama.  Especially not one set in modern times.

DONGSAENG: I am always up for a fresh concept and a Korean modern adaptation of Zorro certainly is a fresh concept. It could either be really tragically awful or perfectly zany and wonderful. Obviously I am pulling for the latter here. Either way, I am so very intrigued.

KMUSE- Joo Sang Wook has been doing a ton of comedies lately.  Very different from his past serious roles in dramas such as the TEN series and Giant. Which is fine by me.  There is just something so likable about his cute dimples and his  dorky characters that I find absolutely charming.

DONGSAENG: I am excited to see Joo Sang Wook in another drama. The last one of his that I watched was Birth of a Beauty, which, sadly, I lost interest in towards the end and never finished. Honestly, as adorkable as he was, I really didn't care for his character in that drama. It missed the mark, so I'm eager to get a do-over with a new show. I have total and utter faith in him that he will prove the last one was just a fluke stemming from the way his character was written. 

KMUSE- Kim Sun Ah has only been doing more serious dramas so I am really happy to see her in a peppy comedic role.  I miss the Kim San Soon style characters, loud, slightly aggressive, and most importantly, not constantly crying.  

DONGSAENG: Like Kmuse, I look forward to seeing Kim Sun Ah in a comedy. I am pretty sure I am the only person on the planet that actually liked her in I Do, I Do, but I did. Interesting little quirky mention on her resume - did you know she was in a movie called Wet Dreams back in 2002? Yup. Hard to imagine her in such a production (according to IMDb, it was "inspired partly by American gross-out comedies like American Pie"). Who would have ever thunk it, the serious Kim Sun Ah in something like that? Not me, that's for sure. I guess it just goes to show though that she has a not-so-serious side to her and I look forward to watching her bring it out to show us all.

KMUSE- She also looks super cute in her policewoman's uniform.  Kudos to the stylists for giving her a uniform with character.

KMUSE- When I first heard that Joo Sang Wook was literally going to be masked in this drama I was totally imagining versions of classic Zorro or maybe the City Hunter cold mask look.

KMUSE- BWAHAHAHAHA  What we get is so much better.  I was not expecting the whole Nacho Libre look.  I seriously am still laughing anytime I see the below photos.  You can bet your britches that no one is going to instantly recognize him with that look.

DONGSAENG: I almost fell out of my chair (okay, bed) when I saw the luchador mask!!! Absolutely DID NOT see that one coming!!!! Lucha libre meets Korean drama. Aye caramba! Maybe it's a nod towards all the Kdrama fans of Latin America?? Whatever the inspiration or reason, YES! Just, yes!

"Masked Prosecutor" will follow "Unkind Women" in KBS's Wednesday/Thursday time slot. I have heard slight rumors that Unkind Women might get an extension (NOT CONFIRMED) so I am not sure of the exact date this will begin airing, but it should be in early June.
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  1. Between the seventies Charlie's Angel's music and the Mexican Wrestler mask I have a feeling we'll be in for a fun ride! I hope so. I'm watching mainly for Joo Sang Wook. I like Kim Sun Ah, but she's not a favorite. I have a feeling this drama will have all kinds of elements, kind of like The girl who see's scents.

    1. I am thinking the same thing. Kdramas have been going a bit to the odd side recently. Also thinking of Blade Man. Good dramas with a lot of quirky added in.


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