Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Press Conference Photos and Long Trailer Released for Upcoming Drama "Mask"

I know you might all be thinking to yourself: "Seriously?  Kmuse is doing yet another promo for "Mask""  To which I reply "You bet your sweet petunia I am".  I know it is a ton of trailers for the same show, but each one unearths new clues into this wonderful makjongfest of a drama.  Also, I was not able to find people who were simulcasting "Secret" back in the day and I feel like I missed out on a ton of fun discussion.  This time I am determined to get my friends (and all drama fans) hooked from the beginning to create a dialogue concerning all the crazy antics I am sure will be coming.
This drama is all about hiding one's true self from those around you, and of course, is set within the backdrop of an extremely wealthy chaebol family. Byun Ji Sook (Su Ae) is a doppelganger to a rich socialite Seo Eun-Ha.  When Eun Ha is killed, her future brother in law switches out the corpse with the living Ji Sook.  Ji Sook is forced to take the place as the fiancee to Min Woo (Joon Ji Hoon) and work with the brother in law to take over the family company.
"Mask" will begin its run on May 27th on the Wednesday/Thursday time slot.  For anyone who is interested in chatting more about this drama....check out my discussion group.  Or continue to follow the blog since I will be most likely recapping this gem.

Mask Long Trailer

I think the photos from the press conference are so cute.  I am already feeling the love.


  1. The trailer is so intense that I wanted to watch this drama now :)

    1. I can already tell it is going to drive me crazy simulcasting this one. I am already impatient to just watch it in one go.


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