Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Ahjumma's Beat Goes On: Kpop Reviews for May

And we are back with yet another new segment! While we focus more on dramas, both Dongsaeng and myself love us a good kpop MV.  So once a month we are hoping to produce our new segment: The Ahjumma's Beat Goes On and share our favorite songs each month.  Just a note that we discussed the latest releases from BTS and Big Bang earlier in the month which is why they are not included.

History - "Might Just Die"

KMUSE: I am a huge History fan!  HUGE!  And while I enjoyed this song more after three or four times, it was really for the sexy video that I was fangirling.  I loved the memories of their past romances (and YAY for there being different girls and not just one per group), the filters the director used were beautifully haunting.  And then they pull out the big guns.  OH HOLY HEAVEN SEXY AB ROLLS.  It is a good thing that part was towards the end because you can't really focus on anything else after seeing that...and rewinding...... and rewinding again.  OK, let's just say that 3 seconds have been watched a great many times.

DONGSAENG: Not being a History major myself, this being my first real exposure to them, I can tell you my initial take after watching this video. My own History 101 if you will.  The first thing to stand out was their amazing dancing. And uhm...ab roll?? What glorious deliciousness was that??? Yeah, I might just die from the heart attack they just gave me. I do believe that I'm going to have to study my History just a little bit closer from now on. O_O   I really liked this song overall - the music itself, the video (I'm a sucker for black and white), and yes, especially the dance.

SHINee - "View"
DONGSAENG: Okay class, everybody whisper it with me because you know you wanna...

"SHINee's back". 
SHINee's back - hahaha! get it?? Because it's a picture of their backs?? bwahahahaha! Oh Dongsaeng, you're so punny. ;)

And boy are they back! And they added a new member to the group, namely, Minho's arms!
Dang gurrrl!! Did you see those arms?!?! I mean, really, how could you miss them?! They were front and center and just out there screaming at us to notice them. Talk about "View"! Even the other members of the group seemed fixated on them.
Little Minho looks like he's gone all man on us while on hiatus.This ahjumma noona (sounds less creepy) approves.

KMUSE: Min Ho's arms are glorious.  Makes a noona (you're right, that is better) just want to touch them, and caress them, and maybe watch him pick up heavy lumber or something.  When it comes to the MV as a whole, I must say I completely approve.  Shinee managed to declare that they are grown up and have shrugged off their last of their boyishness all in one 3 minute song.  And they did it without being overtly, in your face, sexual which is a fine line.

Seul Ong - "Mood Swing" (Feat. Black Nut)

DONGSAENG: First, can I confess a little something to you? I knew this guy from the drama Fool/Ho Goo's Love but had no idea he was a singer. The really sad thing is too that I have actually seen 2AM in concert before, and still had no idea. It was a happy discovery for me though, because of course I loved his quirky character in the drama and it's always fun to see entertainers you like wearing different hats in the industry. Sure, my inner voice yelled "Ho Gooooooo!" when I saw him on screen, but I quickly got over that. Ish. I got over it-ish. I'm still partly yelling it and picturing him as his character, but I'm sure that will pass. 

Second, and maybe I should preface this with a "I really liked this song", but I have a teeny tiny bone to pick with it. I know that every single MV out there (and every concert performance for that matter) uses lip synching. They have the prerecorded track playing and the singers are never actually singing in the videos. This is no big secret, I get that and accept that. But come on, at least try to look authentic. Try to keep the mirage, or suspended disbelief, or whatever you want to call it, alive. When he starts "singing", his lips are barely moving and they're not in synch. It's called "lip synching" for a reason. Kinda important to get the whole "lip" and "synch" elements in there, don't you think? I'm okay with the idea of lip synching in general, but when it is so obvious like this was, it is distracting and takes away from the song. Anyway, that one slight criticism aside, this really actually is a good song and it honestly will probably stay stuck in my head all day.

KMUSE: I guess I am less observant, or more likely, distracted by his gorgeous cheekbones, since I totally did not focus in on the lip syncing. I was also surprised at how gorgeously high his voice range is.  Really like his solo debut, and am looking forward to listening to the full album.

Zion.T - "Eat"
KMUSE: I love this MV for the gorgeous cinematography first, the song second, and everything else third.  I have to admit that I got the warm fuzzies when I turned on the CC and read the translation of the lyrics.  There is just something amazing when a song makes me go all awwww, in a good way.

DONGSAENG: A hauntingly beautiful and simple song with MV styling that I really liked. You don't always need complex sets and effects - it's nice when the music just speaks for itself using basic imagery. I do have to say though, that for some reason, at one point, he reminded me of Jaleel White, the guy who played Urkel on the old sitcom, Family Matters. How random is that? I don't even know what it was that triggered it, but yeah, he'll kind of always be the Korean Urkel to me. 

Oh, and no, the cracked glasses didn't make me all kinds of twitchy or anything. Totally didn't even notice them. At all. *twitch*

Monsta X - "Trespass"
DONGSAENG: This song ticks me off. Wanna know why? Because it was too dang good! I don't need to add another group to my list of groups to follow. I am too dang old for yet another rookie group, but shoot! They were freaking fantastic!!! What an incredibly strong debut. Stupid MonstaX and all their stupid talent and hotties. NO MORE BIAS LIST RUINERS IN MY LIFE!!! Stahp it Korea! Just stahp! Enough is enough already! *goes to my corner to weep*
KMUSE: Unlike Dongsaeng, I am all for great new rookie groups!  And it is nice to see that most of these boys at least look older then 16 (if they aren't, don't tell me.... want to live in my  legal khottie bubble).  Great dancing and fun visuals make this MV a win for me.

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