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The Ahjumma Scoop - Let's Get Our Chat On

Welcome back to another installment of The Ahjumma Scoop where we dish about all the other dramas that we are watching but not doing formal recaps of. We would like to extend a very warm welcome as well to our special guest blogger joining us this week, DramaRookie! Welcome DramaRookie - so glad to have you back to get your take on what you're watching!! Let's all give her some love!

So, everyone, what's the scoop? Let's dish!

*Warning - Spoilers could be ahead!*
-Dramas, Dramas, and More Dramas -

"The Girl That Sees Smells"
DRAMAROOKIE: This might make me unpopular here (because I seem to be in a minority of one), but I didn't really like "The Girl That Sees Smells". Even the chemistry. What others found adorable, I found kinda "meh".

KMUSE- Nope DramaRookie, you are not alone.  I am so sad that the early promise of this drama lost its steam towards the end.  On the plus side, the OTP (One True Pairing) were adorable.  The whole proposal segment was one of my favorites from the whole series.  Also I loved that i was allowed to hate Namgung Min to my hearts delight since he played such a great psycho (albeit, one that did not really make much sense).  I do not really enjoy his acting, so it was so pleasant to have a valid reason for my dislike.
KMUSE- And now for the negative...... WHAT THE FUDGE KIND OF MYSTERY PLOT IS THIS?  It is so convoluted and makes no sense what so ever. The police are so incompetent that I just want to fire them all and hire grade schoolers to take their place.  There would be little to no difference in quality.  Add in the dragging finale two episode (the exception being the cute romance parts) and I was thanking the kdrama gods that I was finally finished.   In other words, this had a cute concept, but the complete package was lacking.  Watch the OTP moments and FF everything else and I think most people would be satisfied.
DONGSAENG: Yeah, you two are definitely not alone. I called this one "Smelly Girl" and ended up dropping it somewhere mid-way through. It stressed me out needlessly in that it was suspenseful but I also just didn't care. When I get to that point where I realize I am in no way invested in the characters, then I know there's no point in continuing. And that's where I got with this one, so over the cliff went Smelly Girl. buh bye. The appeal of it was lost on me I'm afraid. Sorry guys. I will say though that I did watch a clip of the proposal and thought it was cute. Granted, not cute enough to make me come back and finish, but cute and a clever way of doing it. Though really...could someone really write that clearly with a pump-action spritzing perfume bottle? I mean, I have a hard enough time just not spraying perfume in my eye or something. Yoo Chun's got some mad cologne skills there.

"The Crossing Hero" - Tdrama
KMUSE- If you are looking for something just totally cheesy and over the top fun, then this is a great choice.   There is time travelers, a hottie who can read people's minds, tons of quirky side minions, and fun fighting.  Also we get to see one of the most creative reasons to show off a guys chest.  Alien like light moving down your abs is a brilliant concept.
This is 100% a guilty pleasure, so don't go into this one expecting much more then entertaining alien abs.

DRAMAROOKIE: Sorry. I haven't seen this one, so . . . yep, that's it.

DONGSAENG: Me neither, but I do like abs. I'd gladly try to recreate that scene with any absational volunteers. Anyone? 

"Warm and Cozy" 
KMUSE- I really really really want to like Chilbong.  But he is just such a self absorbed ass all the time.  It is 6 episodes in and I am shipping the underwear mayor and the older brother's stories much more then our leading man.  Just when you think he is going to start being nice and start to fall for our leading lady.... he turns back into a self-absorbed man child.  At this point I have no hope of him being a favorite, I would settle for just tolerable. 
DRAMAROOKIE: I won't say this drama leaves me Chilly and Uncomfortable. Not yet, anyway. But it's no "Master's Sun". It's still early days, so there's time to amp up the romance. I'm actually feeling pretty patient with the whole wretched, second lead not-his-girlfriend and the fact that our brainless hero is completely aware of how awful she is. Yes, it's stupid. Yes, it's senseless. But, admit it. How many of us have liked someone at some point in our lives that totally didn't deserve our affection? Ah, the teenage years.

DONGSAENG: I am really enjoying this drama, like a lot. It's cute and fun with interesting characters and funny moments. Our plucky heroine is all kinds of adorable as are the local townsfolk. My only beef with it is that at this point I have developed symptoms of SLS (second lead syndrome). While not unusual or problematic under normal circumstances, in this case it is like pure torture. How can I have SLS AGAINST my Chilbongie?!?!? It is worse than him not getting the girl! It makes me want to cry. Mean, mean, cruel writers doing this to me! It's just not fair! I don't even hate his character. Part of me really finds him charming (yes, indeed, what is wrong with me? I just don't know) and I fully enjoy those cute moments where he is obviously enthralled with the right girl and ignores the wrong one. But there really is so much to love about our adorkable, abtastic mayor and how he treats our Jung Joo. And there are many times I am about ready to slap Geon Woo for all his immature idiocy; after he makes me something yummy to eat first. I can't wait to see him mature and man-up and turn me back into a WooJoo shipper.

"Masked Prosecutor"
DONGSAENG: I am halfway into episode 4 and honestly, can I just admit that they're starting to lose me? Maybe I'm just not as big of a fan of the two leads as I thought I was. Or maybe the writing is mediocre and the plot b o r i n g. Too much "secret society nare-do-wells", plotting, and revenge-seeking for my personal tastes. I'm kind of tapped out on the power-hungry, position-grubbing plot themes lately. There are entirely too many names and job positions being thrown about that I'm supposed to be keeping track of. What do you mean I have to think? Nuh uh. What really lost me was the scene at the end of 3/beginning of 4 with the guy on the motorcycle. I know dramas aren't always known for their spectacular chase scenes, but this one was beyond ridiculous and just purely laughable. Who does that many wheelies anyway? And for the love of Mike! Why was the police woman JUST SITTING THERE WHILE HE WAS HOLDING BACK A MOTORCYCLE ALL BY HIMSELF?!?! You are a frelling POLICE OFFICER not some ridiculous damsel-in-distress with broken legs! MOVE!!!! Get up off your arse and high-tail it to safety!!!! Don't just sit there all shock-faced like an idiot! GAH!!!! ENOUGH! RUN AWAY! This is not difficult here people! 
Man holding back a charging motorcycle
Completely capable woman sitting there like an idiot

It was cheesy. The only hope this drama has at this point is if they just stick with being over-the-top cheesy. The moment they try to get too serious, it all falls apart. I'm not ready to dump it yet, but I'm also not ready to recommend it to my friends.

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- Kpop and OST News -
My favorite thing about School 2015 is the OST.  IT IS AMAZING!  So I thought I would share several of my favorite songs (although every one is worth listening to).  And if the MV's happen to contain my personal "ship" of Eun Bi and Tae Kwang... well, it is my prerogative to spread the alternate OTP love.




So, as any VIP out there could tell you, Big Bang is about to come back with part 2 of their MADE album. Word on the street is that they will be streaming it live online beginning at 11pm KST on June 1st. Well, they will be broadcasting beginning at 11pm, the performance of the new songs to come on at midnight. I believe you can find the streaming site here (I also found it on the Naver app on my phone) if you are so inclined, as I am, to watch this very exciting event as it streams live! It'll be a party! Be there or be square!

And there we leave it for today. Hopefully we covered at least some of what you are watching as well. Want to talk more? We're all, eyes...uh, you know what I mean. Come chat with us! Leave us a comment, or stalk us on social media, s'all good! And again, a great big THANKS to DramaRookie for her wonderful insights! We love when she stops by! Until next time....

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  1. Nice post, and I am glad to see someone else besides me finding the latest new dramas lackluster. But I've got to tell you that the girl who was with Song Jae Rim on We Got Married is not Shin Se Kyung. It's Kim So Eun. She's the one who was in Liar Game, or maybe you remember her as the best friend in Boys Over Flowers.

    1. It's been fixed. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Wow. Can u see my red face from here! Thanks for keeping me straight, Telzey!


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