Thursday, May 7, 2015

Warm And Cozy Teasers Leave Me Underwhelmed

I really really really want to love this drama.  Emotionally I am so there in supporting the Hong Sister's upcoming drama "Warm and Cozy".  I love the leads, Yoo Yeon Seok (Answer Me 1994 and Kang So Ra (Ugly Alert, Misaeng), and for the most part I even love the Hong Sisters.  My opinion is that if they can give me 19 hours of comedy and entertainment, I can forgive the occasional blah ending.  So no one is more surprised than I, that the promotional material for the drama is just giving me a huge case of the blahs.

Let us first discuss the posters.
Does anyone else feel that they are staring at magazine ads promoting Jeju Island?  Hmmm makes me wonder if the PD is getting some Product Placement money from the tourism board of Jeju.  Since these posters show little to none spark that I usually associate with Hong Sister dramas.  In case you need a quick reminder here are a bunch of their previous posters.
The posters above all use color and great composition to grab a viewers interest.  They are not just standing about looking awkward hocking a tourism package.

But the posters and stills are not the only issue I have.  The trailers also leave a lot to be desired.  We have two teasers that show our OTP (one true pairing) interact in various situations.  The first teaser establishes that our leading man is a huge liar (something I hope will lead to a ton of romantic hijinks), but instead of that "must watch" feeling, I have more of a "that's nice" emotional connection with the drama.  Something that makes me so sad. 

1st Teaser

The second teaser is slightly better since I find the leads past interaction cute.  But it is still missing that special zing that makes me excited.  Don't get me wrong.  I will watch this drama no matter what since I do love all the various components.  I just really hope that the actual product is better then the promotional material.  Since it would be tragic to give these two the lead roles and have them playing lackluster characters.

2nd Teaser
 What do you think?  Have I become too picky in my old ahjumma age?  Let us know in the comments what your expectations are.  I might have just gotten too jaded with all the clever promos I have seen lately and need a healthy debate to bring me back to reality.


  1. I thought I was alone in my "MEH" for both the teasers and promo pictures. I can only hope that the drama will be better than that. I am hoping for more from the Hong Sisters this time around.

    1. Especially after how well "Masters Sun" was marketed. No, you are not alone at all.

  2. same feel with Comix. I think i was the only one that feel something of with the poster. I think it's okay that they take photo that showing Jeju's beautifulness but their pose is not convicing that they feel warm or cozy at all. Maybe they can use cuddling concept then holding hand concept.


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