Thursday, May 7, 2015

5 Reasons to Anticipate the Upcoming Melodrama "Mask"

I always love that time when a bunch of dramas end all at once, and we get a plethora of new dramas about to begin.  I love the anticipation over which ones are going to actually deliver and which are going to crash and burn.  If you have been following our posts this week, you will notice that there are a ton of high buzz dramas coming out.  With the likes of "Producers", "Orange Marmalade" and "Warm and Cozy", you might have not noticed a quiet melodrama which is preparing to take the stage called "Mask".  However this is the one, that I am anticipating over all others.
Byun Ji-sook (Su Ae - Queen of Ambition) is hounded by loan sharks into paying her father's crippling debt. When she is mistaken for a wealthy young woman named Eun-ha who looks exactly like her, Ji-sook goes along with it to escape her troubles, even if it means marrying into a chaebol family. She constantly hides her true identity from people who would expose her.

Since he became the successor to the family-owned conglomerate at 7 years old, Min-woo (Joon Ji Hoon-The Devil) grew up with money but without the nurturing comfort of family and friends. He is engaged to Eun-ha, but finds her to be unlike the entitled heiress he was expecting. Min-woo discovers Ji-sook's masquerade, but because she brings something to his life that was lacking, he decides that he wants her to stay and keeps her secret.
#1. Choi Ho Chul
I am so excited to watch Choi Ho Chul's Sophomore drama!  You can relate my level of excitement to that of a child who is going to bed the night before their parents take them to Disneyland.  You know there is no sleep at that point.  Unfortunately for me I still have three weeks before my wait is done.

For those of you unaware, this is the writer who wrote "Secret Love" two years ago.  Choi Ho Chul won a contest searching for talented scriptwriters and was able to see his script become the best melodrama I have watched to date.   Sure, it also had great actors and directing, but it was the ambitious storytelling that really made the drama the ratings hit it was.  No one can write messed up melo characters like he can!
#2 Yeon Jung Hoon
 SQUEEEEEEEEEE  My favorite vampire prosecutor is back on my TV screen.  I know that he is only 2nd lead this time, but I am excited to see Yeon Jung Hoon play something different than his usual leading man characters.  Is it wrong that I hope that his character is really really evil and messed up?  Either way I get to stare at his gorgeous brooding self.
2nd SQUEEEEEEE  Look at him!  He is obviously plotting and looks so so good doing it.  He will be playing the Husband of our leads sister who is in love with another woman.  Maybe our leading lady?

#3  Joo Ji Hoon
 I have been waiting for Joo Ji Hoon to come back with a drama for forever.  Not that he hasn't been working, but his roles have been not really anything I would consider worthy of his talent.  I suffered through Five Fingers for him, but the plot fell apart the 2nd half and the leading lady was "the stick" so that nixed any shipping from me right there.  He also was the lead in "Medical Top Team", but I am not a fan of the medical genre, especially boring ones.  I still have fond memories of Ji Hoon's pre-military work (Goong, The Devil) so there is still some glimmer of hope in this Ahjumma's heart.

Did I mention I love this writer?  I really really do, I would even call him my writer bias. 
# 5 Su Ae
OK, I will fess up.  I am not really a Su Ae fan.  I know that there are people who love her from "9 End 2 Outs", but lets all admit that that drama was a long time ago.  Not to mention there has been some unfortunate stiffening in her expression from possible plastic surgery.  I might have even hated her in her last drama "Queen of Ambition".  But if anything can make me forgive her for that disaster, than it would be a wonderfully written character (crossing fingers, knocking on wood, praying to the kdrama gods) in "Mask".  And who knows, maybe it will work out since she has the whole "Mask" unmoving face thing down pat.

Mask 1st Teaser
"Mask" will begin airing on May 27th following "Girl Who Sees Smells".  I hope that my anticipation is not misplaced since, as you can tell, I have really high hopes.
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*Synopsis description was from Wikipedia.


  1. I'm joining that cute puppy happy dance, cause I love SLA so very much. Thanks for letting us know about this one, I hadn't heard of it. By the way, what does it mean when the lead actress becomes the stick? I'm not familiar with that phrase.

    1. It is a nickname for the actress "Jin Se Yeon" who happens to be my #1 least favorite actress. She was JJH's costar in Five Fingers.


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