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Ex-Girlfriend Club ep 7: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Okay chingudeul, I'm going to make this quick because I am dying to get to episode 8 and can't until I recap this one first.

First, I will get my now-customary-I-guess SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! out of the way. There. That's done. Oh, okay, maybe another (it was a really good episode after all and that ending!).... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. EEEEEEE. EEEE. This drama is so good! Like so good!

Alright, now that I released a bit of my girly excitement, hopefully I can focus a bit more.

We start where we left off, at an empty studio out in the sticks. The Exes have lured Soo Jin and Director Jo both out there under false pretenses, and, thanks to a call from Ra Ra, Myeong Soo has shown up as well.

The three get caught, Soo Jin blows up and stalks off (she actually steals Myeong Soo's cab), and the rest are left standing there. Myeong Soo yells at the three women, sending them scattering, and so then it is just the two guys left. Let the posturing showdown begin! To say that there is no love lost between these two.... They really don't care for one another and are pretty insistent on each standing their own ground in relation to Soo Jin. I wonder if she has any idea just how much these two men are already fighting over her. I bet she hasn't a clue. Well, I don't have to bet, I actually am watching it play out in front of me, and yeah, she's oblivious to the battles being battled in her name. She's no Helen of Troy yet or anything, but it's still a decent little feud going down. And makes for some real hot scenes between the two guys as they put on a show.

The movie. Ah, the movie. Well, that has gotten interesting, now hasn't it? There's some back and forth, some talks, and even some tears that all net in the movie being back on. The catch though is that Myeong Soo is out. He makes a deal with Director Jo (in order to save Soo Jin) in which Director Jo agrees to keeping the project alive and keep quiet about Hwa Young's past. In turn, Myeong Soo agrees to walk away from the project entirely. Myeong Soo moves out of the office and Director Jo moves in.

So what's up with Director Jo anyway? Why is he hanging around? Why is he getting so involved? Why does he hate Myeong Soo so very much? Does he actually like Soo Jin or is he just playing her? My guess is that he does like her, in his own way, but since his personality is just so noxious, it's kind of hard to know for sure. It is certain that her words to him earlier about not being sincere and mocking someone's sincerity are still having a major impact on him and are the main, if not only reason, why he is doing all this.  There is no doubt that he wants her, but his reasons are questionable. Is he sincere or is it a case of "my toy, you can't have it"? You know, like when a kid ignores a toy until the moment some other kid has the audacity to pick that toy up, then suddenly the world ends unless the first child gets the toy back? If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll just have to trust this ahjumma when I tell you that it is a real phenomenon running rampant through playgrounds and playrooms across the world, and maybe even with our 2nd male lead. I think there's more to his history with her than we know yet. He briefly mentioned how he played a part in her winning of a film festival award in the past and how he has been a fan of hers. Did he start to fall for her then unbeknownst to her? Was it strictly on a professional level that he was talking about? We just don't know that at this point. It sure would be nice to know though, you know? Maybe one day he'll get his own flashback like Myeong Soo gets. We can only hope. Whatever his intentions, he's there in her life and not budging, so we may as well get used to the idea. And enjoy the scenery. Boy may be lacking in personality, but he is flush with hotness, that's fer sure.

Alright, that pretty much covers Director Jo, now how about we get to our actual couple? There was a lot going on here with these two this episode. Like...
Soo Jin threatening to date him for real while chewing out the exes for their set up.

Some "stolen" hand-holding disguised as a recreation of Director Jo handing Soo Jin his keys.

Silly flirting that showed how perfectly adorable these two are and how well-suited they are for each other.
Myeong Soo breaking the news to Soo Jin that he's leaving the movie.

A sad little "break up" scene where Myeong Soo was clearing out the office. Including the part where the boys were being jerks to each other once again. And Myeong Soo hit Director Jo in the back of the head and we all laughed and laughed.

Couple shoes.

An attempt at a lunch date.

Myeong Soo getting jealous when Soo Jin is too busy to talk to or spend time with him but is found hanging out at Cat's restaurant with the whole gang (Director Jo included). (Yeah...cuz that's not going to be a problem....)

Myeong Soo telling her that the reason they never dated in the past was for this very reason - her inability to make time for him.

Myeong Soo heading out on a trip as he licks his wounds (and since he now finds himself unemployed thanks to giving it all up for her)

And being very sad when Soo Jin doesn't contact him.

Soo Jin, busy with the movie, yet finding moments to be sad about Myeong Soo and nearly text him to tell him she likes him.

Myeong Soo coming up with a new idea for a project involving a story about a friend that is more than a friend, in the form of a bear, and then trying unsuccessfully while wandering the countryside to draw that bear, finally ending in him drawing a beautiful rendition of Soo Jin as herself, not a bear.

These two are both so crazy about each other. The angst is palpable. We just need someone (Soo Jin) to bend. Myeong Soo is there, ready to give this a go. She's the hold out, most likely because she's terrified. She's held a candle for this boy for all these years. Things are complicated as she is working with his ex-girlfriends. And the Director. I'm ready to lock them in a room together until they talk things through and figure things out. I'm also ready to mash their faces together and make them kiss.

Finally, the exes. Those silly, silly exes. Ra Ra is all for the Soo Ship (Myeong SOO/SOO Jin = Soo Ship) since she likes the director. Cat Ji Ah is totally against it since she likes Myeong Soo. Hwa Young against it because she wants to keep the director happy so that he doesn't reveal her secret to her fiance. Each are doing what they can to help steer things in the way they want them to go, which of course occasionally results in some hijinx and disaster, but always laughs.

Okay. Does that just about cover it? Can I go watch 8 now? Pretty please? Did you see the preview for it? It looks promising as far as the Soo Ship. I am anxious to go see what happens! I'll be back once I finish watching and then we can talk more, k? K. thx. bai.

Back hugs and fish kisses,

Because you're such good addicKts and I'm such a good enabler, and since I can't bear to toss them out without them being seen, how about some bonus screenshots where Myeong Soo is looking particularly yumm??? Oh yeah! Let's get this week started off good!

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  1. I love this show. So it's good to see the love. I feel for Soo Jin because she is in the middle of everything and is also terrified of this relationship. Myeong Soo, as adorable and kissable as he is (that smile could light up a cave), has a lot of nerve to be mad that she isn't making time for him. Why should she? She doesn't know that he likes her, and he told her they never dated, and she doesn't know what he sacrificed for her. She is also in the middle of a movie production as the producer, a movie production that could save her company and get a lot of people their jobs back. I am looking forward to seeing what you say about ep 8. :D


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