Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Producer Episode 6 - Don't go Messing With My Ship

Hello all you "Producer" fans.  We have officially reached the half way point.  WOOT!  This episode was full of highs and lows for me.  Not because any of it was bad, but more because the writers kept creating holes on my OTP (one true pairing) ship.  Just a warning that this recap is going to be more of a mini-cap.  I went on vacation this last weekend, which is wonderful, until you realize that three episodes of recaps did not get done.  Which means I am crazy behind.  So in order to not get farther and farther behind, I am just going to do a quick note of some of my favorite moments.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of our relationship rectangle, let's first discuss the awesomeness that was Lee Seung Gi's cameo. 
Excuse my fangirl scream!!! Come on, you know you all were screaming right along with me.
The writers continue with the extreme meta moments by showcasing and making fun of, Seung Gi's reputation of being the nicest guy in the business. Seung Gi laments with Cindy, that he wished he could be moody sometimes. But since he was an idiot rookie and did not understand the ramifications of getting a nice reputation, it is too late now.  The best part was when he told Cindy that there was a secret club for celebrities with spotless reputations.. He, Jae Suk, and others get together and bet on stuff.... then donate the money to charity.  BWAHAHA

Ye Jin's New Confidant
This episode was full of Ye Jin and Seung Chan moments... and every one of them just felt a tad bit off when you look at it from an OTP viewpoint.  Yes they are cute and have a comfortable banter.  But I can't help that feel that Ye Jin is just using Seung Chan as a replacement bestie for Joon Mo.  Remember how she was drunk and lamenting that she had no one to talk through her relationship woes with now that her crush was Joon Mo?  I think it is completely accurate to say that she has put Seung Chan into that role.
Which is fine, if Seung Chan hadn't gone off and developed a puppy crush on his senior.  Which also confuses me since he had this epic crush on his first love, but that just kind of got pushed under the rug..... not that I am really complaining since I hate seeing that actress's face on screen (Yup, still bitter).  But all of this makes me realize that Seung Chan's crushes seem a tad bit shallow.  Please say it is because the writers want to show the difference between his shallow one sided love and then Seung Chan's discovered real feelings for the cute Cindy.  Please please please don't screw us on this writer nim. 

Cindy Feels The Heat
 I can't be the only one that totally held my breath while Seung Chan helped Cindy with her mike?  Heck, I know that Cindy was feeling the heat coming from Seung Chan's actions.  Her will is like steel and I can't believe she did not go in for the full body press.  Now if only our puppy would open his eyes and realize that he has a wonderful girl who likes him and not be the rebound for Ye Jin
It's not that I dislike Ye Jin, it's simply that I really like her relationship with Joon Mo more.  Both romantically and non romantically.   I know the writers are really pushing for that "who is the OTP" concept, which is fine, but sometimes it is downright annoying as heck.

If you don't believe me, then check out this photographic evidence which I call Hot & Not.
The photos have spoken... in every one, Ye Jin is obviously not thinking of Seung Chan as a man, but is instead dragging him along on as her emotional support buddy.  Realistically I know that Seung Chan is going to be with Cindy in the end.  But that does not lessen my frustration of seeing Seung Chan be oblivious to Cindy's feelings.  Especially when we only have 6 episodes to go.

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  1. Wow, halfway through already. I like that this is only 12 episodes, it hopefully means it won't start dragging!

    1. That is true. It also works out since this one ends right when Seo IN Guk's new drama begins... And I really want to recap anything SIG does.

  2. I really trust that the young things will get together, & that Moon Jo will get a clue VERY soon about who he really loves..... This drama could turn into a big sour wad of crud real easy here....
    Ohhh, that mic scene - HOT hot hot! & I just could NOT stop laughing over Seung Gi

  3. Maybe I'm a bit biased against IU's acting skills but I strongly believe KSH is the one who saved those two scenes altogether. She was decent as long as she did nothing and someone else was rowing the boat.
    I'm rooting for the MJ-YJ pairing by all means (and I think this one will be the final verdict by the end!) but the writer has no scruples about any romantic pairing whatsoever and I also can live with that,lol...
    I'm enjoying an experimental show with very (very!) good acting, interesting format and much debate on social media. It's been a while since so much noise on a drama. I like it <3


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