Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lee Joon Ki Channels Vampire Angst in Stills From Upcoming Sageuk "Scholar That Walks The Night"

We finally get another taste of Lee Joon Ki's scholarly vampire.  To be honest, these are the least engaging of the stills that have been released so far and I was hoping for a little more otherworldliness.

After being slightly disappointed by the other two vampire themed dramas of the year, I was crossing my fingers, that I would be wowed by the final attempt.  That hopefully will still happen with a kick ass plot, but I would love to anticipate through the stills as well.
 The drama is being ambitious in throwing a lot of various tropes together.  Vampires, cross dressing heroines, bromance, evil political vampires, and a mysterious crown prince, all make their debut and makes me a tad nervous.  But for Lee Jin Ki, I can gear up for a possibly crowded storyline.
"The Scholar Who Walks the Night" will air following the conclusion of "Warm and Cozy" in mid July.

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