Friday, June 19, 2015

Lee Soo Hyuk Channels his Evil Vampire Side in Stills for Upcoming Drama "Scholar Who Walks The Night"

I think it is funny that the topic of Lee Soo Hyuk's vampiresque vibe comes up every time he is in a new drama.  Finally, the topic is actually apt, as he plays the evil bad guy vampire in upcoming Saguek vampire drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night".
The promotional team continues to release new stills this last week, probably to take focus off the fact that both of the leads ended up in the hospital for filming related accidents.  Lee Joon Ki is already back to filming after several days resting with a small nose fracture, but Lee Yoo Bi continues to recover from a back injury.
"Scholar Who Walks the Night" will begin airing mid July following the current Wednesday/Thursday drama "Warm and Cozy.

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