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Orange Marmalade Episode 6 - Bored Bored Bored.

So, what to say about episode 6?  Sadly, I must confess that I am starting to get a little bored with the past.  However, things still happened, so I will quickly recount the events and hope that things pick up in episode 7 for me.  So without further ado, here are my thoughts on ep 6.
2nd lead girl is in love with her future husband..... and is determined that Jae Min will love her back.  She travels to a special house which is said to do beauty treatments as well as provide magic love potions.  And we all know that this can't end well.
This special spa is of course run by the evil vampires who know a mark when they see one.  The head evil vamp is currently pissed off at Ma Ri's father for thwarting her world domination plans.  Since she can not go across into the town to attack personally, she uses 2nd leads obsession with Jae Min to get what she wants.  In return for a perfume that will guarantee Jae Min's love. 2nd lead must go and hurt Ma Ri since head vamp figures that if Ma Ri suffers it will hurt her father as well resulting in a good revenge.
Thus begins the Joseon mean girl plot.  2nd lead (still so bored with her) invites Ma Ri to come into her room (via the maid) and provides her with snacks and a ribbon for Ma Ri's hair,  supposedly as a thank you for her service.  Coming into the room with her mother, 2nd lead pretends to be shocked that a butchers daughter is in her room wearing her things and eating the expensive food.  The mother demands that Ma Ri be beaten for her crimes.
The plot is foiled when Shi Hoo steps up, lying that he is with the government, and says that this is too harsh of a punishment for a mere girl.  Mother still continues to argue, with 2nd lead looking anxious for the beating to begin, when Jae Min shows up also asking for leniency.  Of course, his version of talking the angry mom down is to remind her that a butcher girl is the equivalent of a dog or pig and knows no better, so should be forgiven for her ignorance.  Ma Ri is free to go but is devastated over Jae Min's words.
Shi Hoo follows (kind of liking Shi Hoo more as a romantic presence in the saguek episodes) and asks her to spar with him.  Awww, I seriously like him.  Not to mention Shi Hoo just looked super sexy taking off his hat before their sparring match.  After they are done, Shi Hoo introduces himself and tells Ma Ri to tell him her name the next time they meet.  Cute, the boy has some romantic skills.  Too bad he is not the lead of this story.
Jae Min spends the next while alternately insulting Ma Ri because of her lack of wealth related skills and respecting her for her outlook on life.  Personally, I am finding all of this philosophical chatting in the woods really really boring.... so I am just going to skip any in depth discussion on this plot point.

Worried about his crush's extreme poverty (at least in his mind) level.  Jae Min decides to rummage through his kitchen to find her some food.  He steals a bag of rice and hands it over to Ma Ri.  But instead of telling her to use it well, he orders her to make him rice balls every day to eat while he reads.  He then plans to make sure she has some and is not starving.  Of course, poor Ma Ri, can't eat human food and doesn't understand the subtext of the gesture.
Hahaha, Jae Min's plan is foiled when Ma Ri cooks all the rice and shows up with a huge basket of rice balls the next day.  To make matters worse, Jae Min must actually eat what Ma Ri makes him.  Poor Ma Ri has never cooked human food before so must go from a friends description on how to make rice balls.  This resulted in Ma Ri adding a ton of salt (unknowingly) to the meal.  Personally I think it serves Jae Min right for being so ignorant of reality outside his limited sphere.
Unfortunately for the young lovebirds, Jae Min's nanny/housekeeper (I am not sure if I caught her relationship to Jae min in this time period) catches on to their forest romance and goes to have a talk with Ma Ri's parents about their daughter.  On an up note, it is not a hate filled talk, but one that is more of a request.  A request that Ma Ri not confuse Jae Min since he is getting married in a months time.
But Jae Min is already working on getting out of the marriage.  He makes a deal with his father that if he can pass the military exams and join as a soldier, then he can get out of his impending nuptials.  With Shi Hoo's help, and the use of a cloth to cover his eyes, Jae Min practices day and night.  Now you might be asking what the cloth is for?  Well our hero has come to the conclusion that if he learns to fight blind, he won't see blood, and therefore will not pass out. Problem totally solved.  Now that is all well and good, at least in theory, but I suspect that it might be burdensome in an actual battle.
Boring 2nd lead decides that she is not done tormenting Ma Ri and has her come to Jae Min's house while she is visiting with marriage gifts.  The mean girl (using servants as her weapon) begins anew to torment our heroine. This time Ma Ri is not only embarrassed, but her dress is ripped. Jae Min arrives and plays white knight covering her up with his robes.  Ma Ri tries to hand his clothes back and ignore him, but Jae Min yells at her that he has stopped fighting his attraction and he is there for her no matter what society dictates.   Shi Hoo and 2nd lead watch on in shock as Jae Min takes his romantic stand.

My Thoughts:
I was personally bored through a good 70% of the episode.  The things I do like are the bromance between Shi Hoo and Jae Min.  I thought it was so sweet that Shi Hoo fixed the training area up for Jae Min as he slept.  What a great example of friendship.  I am actually wincing at just the thought of the falling out they might have over Ma Ri.  As for the romance..... I can't recall the last time I felt less enthused for a couple to hook up.  I don't know why, but my investment for our OTP is close to 0% and I actually am kind of rooting for Shi Hoo and Ma Ri (yes I know it will never happen, but at least they were somewhat interesting.).  
I don't know what happened, since Jae Min is as awesome and angsty as ever, but the love is gone.  Maybe it is the knowledge that we are jumping back to the future in a couple episodes.  Or possibly the knowledge that their epic romance is not going to end up in happily ever after (at least not in this lifetime).  Whatever the reason, this blogger is personally just going through the motions til we can leave the past and its boring storyline behind.
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