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Ex-Girlfriend Club ep 9 & 10: Much Ado About Nothing


These are the episodes where Hwa Yeong's fiance finds out that she dated Myeong Soo once upon a time and then all the fallout from that. 
Too bad too, because what awkward fun we were having before the stuff hit the fan and ruined our picture-perfect wedding.

Okay, so while I can understand that he is upset about the deception, the idea of him being upset by the former relationship is ridiculous. Was she a nun before she met him? Does he not expect her to have some sort of dating history? Sure, it's a bit awkward that she is working with him, but it happens. The fact that it was ever hidden from him in the first place is the frustrating part. And now everyone is freaking out, the wedding is off, and the movie is dead. And, just for good measure, because this fiance guy is apparently a giant prick, Myeong Soo has lost all rights to his story/webtoon. And I'm face-palming through it all.

Now.... This is the part where I should start recapping the episodes. And I started to. I will include what I got done before I hit a brick wall. What was that brick wall? Boredom. Seriously. Two episodes where not a whole lot happened outside of the overreaction of fiance dude and everybody being mopey.

Alright, here, this is awkward, but I'll show you what I wrote before...

Back to beginning of the episode. We're sitting at the hospital with an injured Myeong Soo because Ji Ah is a giant idiot that shouldn't be running a restaurant in the first place. The woman can't seem to do for herself without the help of her white knight Myeong Soo coming to her rescue all the time. Time for a new line of work. Especially when you are so distracted by the thought of your ex getting himself a new girl that you throw water on a kitchen fire, causing an explosion. And a mess of other problems for said white knight and his new gal pal. Burns and jealousies are all over the place. I did appreciate the "who's the guardian" scene at the hospital. That was epic in its hilarity right there. Kudos to Soo Jin for having the guts to stand up and accept (and even fight for) that role in front of (and with) the Club. 
Not that things go perfectly after that. Myeong Soo is sitting with Ji Ah and they're talking. Ji Ah telling him how she never loved her husband and how he never loved her. She tried to make it work, but couldn't forget how it felt to be loved by someone (ie Myeong Soo). She's telling him how she never stopped loving him but how her pride won't let her come running back to him. She cries on his shoulder as he sits there visibly concerned for her and feeling bad, but, hopefully, unmoved.
Except that we really don't know what's going on in his mind, and neither does Soo Jin who is overhearing all of this exchange. She gets upset and runs off when he comes around the corner and sees her. To his credit, he rushes after her, leaving tear-stained Ji Ah standing there all alone. Soo Jin and Myeong Soo face each other outside while Ji Ah looks on from behind. Soo Jin brings up all of her questions and doubts and concerns relating to Ji Ah and their relationship, asking him who it is that he likes. He responds with a righteous snog, shutting her up once and for all, and sending Ji Ah scattering, crying face in hand. 
Ha. Sorry, I feel no sympathy for that woman. She is the one ex I really can't stand. She needs to just skulk off to lick her wounds far, far away from my happy couple.

If anything is cuter than Best Friends Myeong Soo and Soo Jin, it would definitely be Couple Myeong Soo and Soo Jin. They are officially, officially dating (minus the coming out to all the exes) and are so sickeningly sweet (without going overboard) together.

-----------THE END------------

Sadly, that up there doesn't get us far in the story. But I'm kind of out of much else to say. And the new episodes, including the finale, are already out so...well...I don't really want to spend all that much time on it. Blogger fail, I know. Sorry. I just wasn't riveted. I didn't hate it, it was fine, just... ... not all that much to talk about. It really was much ado about nothing (much). 

Myeong Soo and Soo Jin are an adorable couple. 
I enjoyed all of their lovey-dovey moments together. Especially that sleepover in episode 10 -- where nothing happened. But they were sure darn cute! Myeong Soo cleaning and kicking his weird friend out. Soo Jin putting on makeup and attempting to curl her hair. The way the two of them just stood there awkwardly when she showed up at his place. The adorably awkward eating of the cake and watching of the movie. How they both just kept staring at the other when the other's eyes were closed. They really are super duper cute together. And it was fun to watch. I should be getting all fangirly crazy here and squeeing about how perfect they are together. Because they are. Perfect together, that is. And I'm happy to see it. Just not feeling the squees for some reason. IDK why.

Director Jo, oh Director Jo. Through these episodes, Director Jo comes to the realization that he has true feelings towards Soo Jin. 
His poor face when he hears that Soo Jin and Myeong Soo are dating :(

Enter another "IDK" moment for me. I don't know what it is about him, but DANG! He gives me all sorts of flutters! I know he's been an a**-****, but it just doesn't make a difference - I still find myself inexplicably rooting for him. Even though I ADORE our actual couple and am thrilled they are together. It makes no sense. I realize this. It just can't be helped. He's hella hot and sexy and if she doesn't want him, I will gladly take him. I have to say that I'm so glad that even though technically Myeong Soo has already won, their competition is still raging just as strong as ever before. Oh, those two boys! Warring over a girl. Gotta love it!
Hahaha! This part! He was trying to talk her into forgetting the Myeong Soo movie and working with him on a new project. But something tells me that there was a hidden meaning to his proposal...
The man is working tirelessly behind the scenes to try and save the day. He's meeting with his pissed off bestie to try and calm him down. He's selling off all that he owns so that he can buy the office and hire Soo Jin and her co-worker back. He's working to get the rights to Myeong Soo's work back so that they can continue the movie. All of this while knowing the one that he is doing it for is in love with another man. Now that's just a class act right there, that is.
Whether he's wearing a tux...
...or a blanket, the effect is still the same ~ HAWT!!!
Just some plain gratuitous Director Jo shots. Because I care. And because I can.
I'll go ahead and sign off for now so that I can finally get to watching and chatting about the final two episodes. Sorry it's all so late and lousy. I'll try to wrap it up as soon as possible for us all. Until then, annyeong!

Back hugs and fish kisses,

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  1. What is the title of the song when Meong Soo kissed Soo Jin at the Hospital? :) Thank you


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