Sunday, June 14, 2015

Teasers, Stills, and Posters for Upcoming June & July Dramas

We have a truckload of new promotional material that has piled up this weekend while i was out and about doing family stuff.  And rather than put it in individual posts I decided that we are just going to jump right in and check it out all at once.  Because really there is no such thing as too much drama information.

-The Time We Were Not In Love-
 Ahhh, this looks really cute.  I always fall in love with Ha Ji Won and it looks like this time her character is going to be really fun and quirky.  I personally have not seen the Tdrama that it is based on, but from the buzz out in the twitterverse, this is looking different from the original.  Kind of glad I resisted the urge to check out that Tdrama so I can be happy with what I get.
I love this poster.  It looks so warm and inviting.  Too bad it is so hot where I live or I would settle in with a hot cocoa and blanket to watch this drama.  It is giving off that type of vibe.  "The Time We Were Not in Love" will begin airing on June 27th.

-I Remember You-
We have 3 new posters for my #1 bias's new drama and he looks SPECTACULAR. 
I don't know why, but these kind of give me a Mainland China drama feel just judging from the posters.  Very slick and stylish.  "I Remember You" begins airing on June 22nd.

- Last-
In a surprise jump, the upcoming suspense drama "Last" has kicked "D-Day" to a fall airing on jTBC.  It is about a fund manager (Yoon Kye Sang- Beyond the Clouds) who financial falls and becomes homeless.  He then discovers the intricate world of the homeless that have their own social structure.  This drama also stars one of my favorite veteran actors Kim Beom Soo (Triangle).

Judging from the trailer, there will be a lot more going on than just hanging out in an underground subway tunnel, begging for change.  This might be the most thrilling homeless themed kdrama in pretty much forever.  "Last" will begin airing July 24th.

- Scholar Who Walks The Night -
Oh Lee Joon Ki, how I love the sight of you in Hanbok. It kind of makes you wish he would just go around dressed like this in his everyday life.
I love this still, but personally I would love to see how they are going to vamp him out.  The only thing sexier than LJK in hanbok, is maybe a vampire Lee Joon Ki in hanbok.  "Scholar Who Walks the Night" begins airing on July 7th.

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