Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We Finally Get Some Funny From Seo In Guk and Jang Nara in New Trailer for "I Remember You".

We are getting new promotional material fast and furious as the "I Remember You" premier date looms ever closer and closer.  YAY more Seo In Guk news is always accepted, welcomed, and invited over for dinner! It is the official fangirl way.

KMUSE- I am starting to suspect that this drama has a bit of a Bi-Polar personality.  First we get words with super serious suspense theme music. Then we get a steamy poster (still so happy with that poster). Then comes your usual crime drama trailer with all kinds of hints of mysterious goings-on. FINALLY we get to the comedic shenanigan portion of our marketing concept.
KMUSE - But at the end of the day it is Seo In Guk so guess how much I care?  That's right, not a flying fig's worth.  If I can suffer through "Kings Face" and leading lady prissy face (still bitter), than I can suffer through anything.  Not that I will be suffering because I have faith in these writers..... (glares sideways towards South Korea.........Don't let me down or there with be voodoo dolls sporting some pins in your honor).

DONGSAENG: Knowing the heartbreak that comes from your ultimate bias being in a travesty of a drama myself, I can only hope that this one, bi-polarity and all, is a slam dunk. So far they give me no reason to suspect otherwise. I mean, this is SIG we're talking about. He makes everything a-ok. A-sexy-okay.

KMUSE- Awww I was wondering when we would see the cute, girl next door, Jang Nara.  She always seems to play variations of that character.  I would love to see her play some psycho chaebol crazy lead someday.  This will not be that day though.

DONGSAENG: Meh. I want to like her, really I do. Still withholding judgement until I actually see her in action. But if it's a variation of the same weak, doormat character she was in Fated to Love You, well, I may not be her biggest cheerleader. She showed some indicator of having some personality in this trailer, so I remain hopeful and optimistic.
KMUSE- Seo In Guk is in full sexy Seo In Guk mode.  Excuse me while I frantically fan myself and try to contain my inner fangirl.  HE IS SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!  And is it just me, or does he feel like he has jumped from hot boy to hot man in the last couple of months.

DONGSAENG: No, not just you. He is all man. Hot, hot, sexy man.

Episode 1 Trailer

150622 너를 기억해(Hello Monster) 1회 예고 from wowinguk on Vimeo.
"I Remember You" airs June 22nd and be sure to check in as Dongsaeng and I recap every bi-polar minute of it.  I can already tell we are going to have fun with this one, or fangirl for 16 episodes ( will be a lot of fangirling).    Either way you will want to tune in.

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