Monday, July 27, 2015

Crime Focused 3rd Teaser Released for Upcoming Drama "Mrs Cop"

We continue to receive your typical crime drama promotional materials from upcoming drama "Mrs Cop" starring Kim Hee Ae (Secret Love Affair).  Check out the third teaser and tell us what you think.  Will you be tuning in?

KMUSE- I keep hoping that the script for this drama will hold some amazing surprises.  You never know, it has happened before with dramas like "Sign".  For this type of show it is all about the script.

DONGSAENG: Well, with a name like 'Mrs Cop', it's sure to be a winner (she said sarcastically). Of course I tease, as there are plenty of amazing dramas out there with really unappealing names. 'Mrs Cop' may end up being one of those. You'll have to let me know though if you end up watching it, because, in answer to your question Kmuse, no, I will most likely not be tuning in to this one. Crime dramas really just aren't my favorite. And there's nothing really about this one that has caught my particular attention. It's dark and intense. And dark. And intense. Pass.

KMUSE- As I mentioned in an earlier post today, this is the year of the ahjumma actress.  Not that they are old or anything, but they are definitely older than your usual idol actress.  As an ahjumma myself, I 100% support this movement.  Good acting is preferred no matter what the age.  Between "Mrs Cop" and "Twenty Again" I will not have to worry about crushing on someone out of my age bracket.

DONGSAENG: I'm all for having a cast around my age range. Love those. Probably why A Gentleman's Dignity is pretty much the best rom/com I have ever seen (if you want to consider it a rom/com, which I typically do), because it was 'older' with a little more seasoned actors that I could relate to, and crush on without feeling pervy. Plus, talent over sheer popularity alone is always welcome in my book.
"Mrs Cop" begins airing on August 3rd following the conclusion of "High Society.


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