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I Remember You Episode 11 - The Bromance That Can Not Be.

For someone so smart, Hyeon sure has horrible social skills.  Secrets are revealed, brothers are emotionally hurt, and our OTP finally starts feeling like an OTP.  All in all, a wonderful episode yet again from my favorite drama.

We are at my last post of the day!  For those of you who have read all six (yes six, I was a blogging machine) posts... I just want to say "Thank You".  It is hard work recapping and keeping up with Korean news, as well as ignoring the packing that needs done for my vacation.  But you, the readers, make it all worth it.  
Since I am short on time, you might notice there is some jumping around.  Be sure to check out this episode since it was amazing.  I almost wish I had the time to recap step by step since there were so many parts I hated to leave out.  Sadly, my packing really does call, and my husband is not going to accept blogging as my excuse as to why it is not done.  So let's quickly start recapping this puppy.
Before we get into chatting episode 11, let's take a minute and discuss "the kiss".  I know that there have been a ton of discussions going on about Hyeon's lack of participation during the previously mentioned kiss. I was literally thinking about it last night and I personally concluded that due to his inability to understand social cues, this is the reason for the lack of response.  

If you think about it, it is very rare for genius characters to really get a lot of action (I am thinking of non-Korean characters since kdrama characters can have the absolute worst personalities and still get some). Think about it, when is the last time you saw Sherlock, Monk, or Bill Nye the Science Guy get some?  Not that common is it?
So now that we have realized that for a genius, Hyeon actually has tons of game (in comparison), let's discuss what actually happens after our leading lady's lips lock with our hunky hero.
I'm alive. Let's kiss.
Crap... He's not kissing me back.
What just happened? (insert tons of cute blinking as Hyeon tries to register the whole kissing thing)
OH NO! OH NO! OH Noooooooooo!
Dude, I just got some action!
It is almost worth not getting a super hot kiss, just to get the awesome awkwardness that followed Ji An's impulsive action (I still expect a better kiss in the warned writers).  Totally embarrassed and trying to get herself out of the whole situation Ji An blurts -- "Don't misunderstand.  This is just what I always do coming out of near death situation."  She then goes on to ramble about feeling the need to procreate and save the species when one is faced with death.  Hahaha, I am dying here.  Especially as Hyeon just continues to blink blankly at her.  
Hyeon finally snaps out of it and smiles over the whole situation.  The boy does not look like he would mind furthering the existence of his species.  Ji An runs off to her room (still horribly embarrassed) and Hyeon tells her that he is happy she is alive.  Awwww I love these two so much more than I thought was possible back when this drama started.
But scary killers wait for no love lines, and we are immediately thrust back into the world of  killers and mystery.  It seems that Lee Joo Yeong answered Hyeon's fish magazine message by breaking into the house and leaving the missing diary of the cop killed in episode 3.  Remember how he supposedly had something to tell Hyeon before he was killed?
I might have totally squealed out loud when Hyeon immediately went and talked the discovery over with Ji An.  Awww they really are partners in every way.  And yes, it was hilarious that he watched her rolling around on her bed dying that she had confessed at her age.
It seems that the detective had searched all the plastic surgery places in Korea, looking for a clue as to LSY's new identity.  Hahaha, I totally told my mom that is what happened (score 1 for me).  Dead cop came up empty, but there was a notation about a single family missing case that might have somehow been involved with the mystery of LSY.
Upon investigation of the murder house, our cute detective OTP (one true pairing) find a walled off room and a coffin, in which a dead female skeleton was found. They also find a mysterious girl happy to provide them information on the missing family and the skeleton.
The skeleton was of the beloved youngest daughter of the household who had been raped and found herself pregnant.  Being Catholic, the girl had the child, but treated it as an abomination and locked the boy up, not even acknowledging its existence on any official records.
The girl eventually committed suicide and the family made that room as a tomb for the daughter (since people who commit suicide are not allowed to be buried by the church on consecrated ground). They also raise the boy alone, locked up in a room with no outside communication.  Pretty much a perfect breeding ground for a psychopath to evolve.  Long story short, maid girl (one who is talking to Hyeon) let the boy free and he hit her from behind.  When she woke up everyone was gone, supposedly killed by Lee Joo Yeong.
ACK!  OH MY GOSH IT IS CONFIRMED!  Dr Death is 100% Lee Joo Yeong and is also the mysterious person Min had talked to on the phone and called uncle.
What is interesting is that the two men seem to be playing games with Hyeon independently of the other.  As Min walks away from the morgue he thinks -- "I want Hyeon to know what it is like.  What being left behind is. What being forgotten is".

This product placement moment is brought to you by Kanuda pillows.  And while most blatant PP tends to annoy me, I have to laugh at this one for the use of this salesman who is really happy SIG is getting it on with his girlfriend. 
This will be the photo I use when our OTP finally does get their steamy kiss.  That's right pervy salesman....thumbs up indeed.

Thinking that his visits to Korea might have been a stressor and related to the times of the killings (the bodiless murders that were dumped into the ocean), Hyeon turns to Ji An for the details of his visits.  I have to crack up that she literally knows every move he made for the past twenty years.  She truly was a A+ stalker.

I 100% approve of his sincere and natural smile.
Is anyone else feeling so extremely bad for Min right now?  I know that he is a murdering nut job, but he is the most sympathetic murderer ever.  Never have I been willing to let a killer walk, more than I am for him.  It seems that he has been reaching out to Hyeon for years.  Every time Hyeon had an event in Korea, Min would deliver a message/clue to his brother.

Hyeon realizes that this was probably his brother's way of crying for help... asking Hyeon to stop him.  There were 8 boxes and there had been 8 murders.  Oh Min.  WAE???????????
It turns out that Min has been killing people that abandon children, just like he himself was abandoned.  The poor souls don't have anyone to remember them, but Min says that he will remember and find justice for their suffering

My Thoughts:
I am loving this drama more and more with every episode.  It is so clever, how the writer has connected the storyline with the title of the show.  Rather than a showdown between Hyeon and Lee Joo Yeong like I was suspecting, the drama veered to focus on the brothers story.  I don't know if I have ever been more in favor of forgiving a bad guy as I am with Min.  While Lee Joo Yeong's back story was sad, it is Min's story that really pulls at my heartstrings.  Poor Min waiting for his hyung to remember him, killing, vigilante-style, the parents that hurt their unwanted children.  I can't wait to see exactly what Hyeon decides to do with his little brother.  Because as much as you can say the law is the law, when it comes to family, it is rarely that simple in kdramas.
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  1. Am I evil for wanting Min to off those terrible parents who let their adopted son be beaten to death by those hoodlums? Especially that mother? OMG

    1. I feel really bad about it but I had exactly the same thoughts omg... Just like how I want to forgive Min for each of his actions.... I really don't know how I should feel about this ><

    2. I think it's normal to think in that way, but the way Min used is wrong (by killing them), I do pity him and LJY somehow, it's how the adults have done to mould them into psychos of nowadays. But Min is a mistake as he thought Hyun has abandoned him but it's actually not the case and LJY is certainly evil to have raised him up as another psycho just like him...


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