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Mask Episode 11 - Brought Down By A Perv Cam

We have some wonderful plot movement in this episode. Ji Sook takes advantage of a gift left behind by the sleazy ex.  And Seok Hoon learns that he can be brought down by a perv camera and lose all that he has fought schemed for. It brings to mind the question (posed by Mi Yeon) -- "To win the game do you have to be good at lying?  Or will the person who is bad at lying ultimately win the game?"

Remember that we just left off with Ji Sook bursting into the board room announcing that she is Min Woo's wife.  She claims that the sleeping pills are in fact hers (provides a prescription from a doctor Eun Ha had been seeing before death) and apologizes for the confusion.  When asked if Eun Ha is just doing this to cover for her husband, Ji Sook haughtily looks at the man and exclaims that she is a 5% shareholder and knows that this will shake the companies stocks. YAY Ji Sook's backbone emerges and she saves Min Woo.  WOOT!
And before you go thinking that the writers are flip flopping the character personalities like a flounder caught on land, I will quickly relate that they gave a very valid explanation for Ji Sook's sudden confidence.  It seems that our leading lady is in possession of a video file of Seok Hoon murdering the ex sleazy guy.  Now that she has something on Seok Hoon it is an even playing field and Ji Sook doesn't have to worry constantly about him destroying her family.  Although the fact that a stationary watch camera is panning down to follow the action makes me roll my eyes
Ji Sook takes full advantage of this new power by ordering Seok Hoon to stop trying to kick out Min Woo, unfreeze her accounts (Eun Ha's accounts), and in general, go taking a flying leap off the nearest building.  Ji Sook then let's her inner personality take over as she starts treating the house staff to small extras (like nicer meals) and paying off the loan sharks.  Ji Sook even provides expensive steak and a longer lunch time for her old coworkers at the department store. (Anyone else wondering who was actually working in the mall during this 1+hr lunch break?)
But the most important game changer is Ji Sook's support of Min Woo, who continues to lack confidence in his innocence.  Luckily Ji Sook has confidence for the both of them and gets busy setting matters to right.  First she steals Min Woo's prescription pills given to him by the evil doc and Seok Hoon.  She also has a doctor friend of Eun Ha's analyze the content of the pills.  The doctor informs the couple that these pills are actually laced with high levels of hallucinogens and are not the sleeping pills they were supposed to be.
Ji Sook follows a devastated Min Woo (would suck to find out that someone is messing with you to such an extent) and tells him --"I will prove it... you are not the type to hurt others.  I will prove that."
The only action Ji Sook does that I don't quite understand, was giving Seok Hoon the watch (sleazy guy liked to use the camera on his watch to video his sexual exploits.......ewwww) that contained the footage of him murdering sleazeball. Wouldn't it make sense to keep that as leverage? Not to mention the fact that they meet in the middle of the company (surrounded by thugs and suspicious wives) instead of the safety of, oh say, the house they both live in.
But give over the watch she does, with another warning to stay away from Min Woo.  As Ji Sook leaves, the two loan shark thugs do a bump and snag, grabbing the watch amid a fire alarm.  But Seok Hoon's trusty minion sees what is happening and tackles toupee thug.  The watch goes flying and is stealthy picked up by Mi Yeon who disappears into the crowd, the proud new owner of the coveted watch. Rolling my eyes because she really blends when wearing that Barney purple outfit.
Not knowing the significance of what she now has in her possession, Mi Yeon wears the watch at family dinner, mocking her husband (and his supposed lover).  It is amusing to watch Ji Sook ordering Seok Hoon to control his wife and get that watch back.
Rather than going the easy route, just forcefully taking the watch off his wife's wrist, Seok Hoon instead goes to his favorite "lie to my wife" routine.  He informs Mi Yeon that the watch (which she realized is actually a camera) has proof of Eun Ha and his relationship, and if she looks at it Mi Yeon won't be able to pretend ignorance anymore.  Seok Hoon then informs her to destroy the watch before it ruins their relationship.  Yes, because their relationship is so strong right now.  But it seems to work as we end the episode with Mi Yeon staring at a blank computer screen, scared to push play.

My Thoughts:
I really felt that we had a lot of wonderful movement in today's episode.  And just as I suspected, once the writers started giving Ji Sook more to do than just looking scared, I really started to like her again.  It was also nice to finally feel that Min Woo is moving forward.  I especially liked that he confronted Seok Hoon openly (even before he found out about the drugging) about his attempted take over.  He really isn't a person to take lightly.  
I continue to be interested in the odd mother/father dynamic.  Is it the mother who has been drugging Min Woo?  It sure seemed like the father thinks she is the culprit.  Or is she just being set up by the maid and Seok Hoon?  Is Mi Yeon really pregnant?  How long before Min Woo realizes the truth about his wife?  Hopefully these and more questions will be answered in the upcoming week.
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  1. I dunno why that I dislike the loan shark more than the main villain, so irritating and not funny at all on his parts...pls just kill him off earlier....hahaha


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