Monday, July 6, 2015

"Last" Releases Fight Focused Teaser

I am officially on board now that I see an actual teaser for upcoming drama "Last".  See, it only took some action scenes and not just pretty pictures.  Of course I might not have focused in on this teaser if I had not been anticipating due to the other promos, so well played PR people. Well played.

KMUSE-WOW, it looks like there is going to be fighting, fighting, and yes, more fighting.  If I was not already aware this is a cable show, than the bloody teaser would have announced it.  Lucky for them, I love action dramas.

DONGSAENG: I felt like this teaser played more like a movie promo than a drama. That's a whole lotta action going on there. This one has a very serious, dark, and intense vibe to it.
KMUSE- A huge difference than what I see from the homeless in my city.  Makes you wonder if they all have secret gang wars behind the scenes.  Also our lead is one hot homeless guy.

DONGSAENG: That's one question I sure hope I never find the answer to. Definitely a very unique and interesting plot line that you don't often see, this whole idea of secret homeless gang wars. I'd invite the hot homeless guy to stay with me, but he scares me a little with all his fighting. 
KMUSE- WOOT Lee Beom Soo looks awesome as a gang boss.  I love him as an actor and am very excited that he is not having to baby any idol actors this time.  Yoon Kye Sang  is, thankfully, a talented actor in his own right.  Now I just have to pray to the kdrama gods that he will have a good script.

DONGSAENG: Yes on Lee Beom Soo!!! I'm so glad he and I made up forever ago after our initial little differences when we first met during Dr Jin. I'm a big fan and would love to see him in a role where he can just let go and not hold anything back. Hopefully this will be that role for him. I got excited when I saw him doing his thing in this trailer at least; I'll take that as a good sign. 
"Last" will premiere in late July.


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