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Mask Episode 17 - Chaebol Logic (aka- A Bunch Of Nonsense)

I'm not saying that this was a bad episode, however there did seem to be a lot of waffling around by self obsessed rich people.  Not to mention a crazy number of scenes enacted by our OTP (one true pairing) in various beds.  And before you get excited, don't, since it was almost as innocent as the twin marriage bed scenes of the 1950's sitcom.  But on an up note...Min Woo and Ji Sook smiling cute on beds.  YAY!

Not that I drink, but if I was one to imbibe, Mask episode 17 provides the perfect drinking game.  In case any of my readers are drinkers, then get ready with a giant bottle of soju (or 2) and take a shot anytime Min Woo says Baek Ji Sook.........  I know that seems simple, but I counted at least 4 times in the first 4 minutes.  You would be pickled before the first quarter of the show is done.  But that is all good since it just shows how in love our leading man is.
Min Woo convinces Ji Sook to put their divorce on hold until he can deal with Seok Hoon and his murderous activities. He decides that they should go tattle to Daddy Choi and then go back to spend more time in bed.
Sadly, the are stopped by Mi Yeon who begs Min Woo to give her time to make Seok Hoon confess (anyone else wondering why he hates Min Woo so much when he had nothing to do with his fathers situation?).  Mi Yeon is positive she can fix things if she is given some time.
But before anyone can do anything, Seok Hoon announces he is leaving the house and Mi Yeon.  Then, with only his anger and pride as company, he leaves like a boss.  Poor Mi Yeon is totally heartbroken (Stay strong!  He will only lead you down a bad murder......Oh, wait... you already are on that path).
Stupid and Crazy
But let's ignore all the unhappy stuff and focus on the cuteness that is Ji Sook and Min Woo in love.  They are even cuter when there are no horrible secrets coming between their love.  Look at all the sugary cuteness and enjoy since I am sure it won't last since we still have 3 episodes to get through.
Know what else makes me happy?  Seeing Seok Hoon get punched totally made my day.  Of course there could have been a bit more oomph in the punch, but I will take what I can get.  Min Woo is furious that his brother-in-law caused Ji Sook pain and pretty much declares war against Seok Hoon.  Which is maybe a bit ill-advised considering that Ji Sook is still a wanted fugitive (remember she was framed for murdering that thug?)
I hate you.
I hate you back times infinity......Nah nah nah.
I am a bit concerned with the character development of our crazy daughter/sister-in-law/wife/sister Mi Yeon.  You can never tell exactly what she is doing (other than straw drinking her days away).  On one hand, Mi Yeon obviously loves her brother and feels bad that her husband is a psycho.  But on the other, she murdered Eun Ha and blames Ji Sook for her failed marriage and pretty much everything else that has happened.
Seriously?  Why not direct that pointed finger in your own direction, you soused out murderess you?  Not to mention that no one (especially Ji Sook) made your husband a greedy, narcissistic, nut job.  He was home grown crazy long before Ji Sook came across his path.

This delusional behavior sends Mi Yeon on a quest to destroy Ji Sook's family and their happiness.  Since if she can't be happy, no one can.
Min Soo is on a quest himself, his quest is thankfully a lot less sinister then his sisters, since he is just meeting the in-laws for the first time.  On the down low of course since Ji Sook's mother is still unaware of her daughters living status.  Min Woo is absolutely adorable as he primps and worries about meeting the family.  Min Woo asks his secretary if he looks ok, and than tells him to expound on that topic.  Died laughing when secretary told him -- "You're always perfect in every way"
So much adorable as Min Soo goes about flattering his mother-in-law and trying to become besties with Hoya.  ACK... kill me with cuteness why don't you.
Dude...You're trying to hard.
Does anyone else get the creepy chills every time Seok Hoon seems to have "extra" feelings for Ji Sook?  It happens again as we see him brooding over two photos.  One of Eun Ha and one of Ji Sook.  He tries to tear them, but can't make himself do it and places them carefully on the end table.  So so creepy.
Know what is a really bad idea?  Having your crazy, almost ex, son-in-law as your lawyer.  I can pretty much guarantee that it is never going to end well.  Especially when you had him doing dishonest things, like avoiding inheritance taxes on the stocks you just gave your son.

Sure enough, Daddy Choi is forced to ask Seok Hoon to come home and clear up the mess with the police.  Not only does Seok Hoon gain the upper hand with his father-in-law, but he also is able to stop Min Woo from having Seok Hoon arrested for attempted murder.  If Min Woo attempts to give the evidence he holds to his police friend, Seok Hoon will have Ji Sook arrested for fraud.  Seok Hoon has definitely won this round.
Now if only Mi Yeon was not ruining Seok Hoon's plans (again).  Even though she is now back with her lying husband, Mi Yeon is determined to make Ji Sook pay.  Knowing about the mother's liver transplant, Mi Yeon poisons Hoya making him unfit to be a donor.  Poor mom goes into the ICU and is in critical condition with no liver.  Ji Sook rushes to offer to do the surgery herself, but mom remains unconscious and possibly dead as her daughter weeps at the bedside..
My Thoughts:
Mi Yeon isn't really a good bad guy, because every evil plan she enacts is all emotion based.  It is interesting to see Seok Hoon's brilliant mind working to get what he wants (you can almost respect his evil skills).  Mi Yeon, in comparison, is just becoming another crazy chaebol heiress who does stupid things due to anger and a sense of entitlement.  Also add in an unhealthy dose of crazy for good measure.
I continue to love watching our OTP be super cute.  The flirting, the innuendos, the beautiful smiles that light up their faces, everything about them makes me happy.  I am just crossing my fingers that noble idiocy does not rear its ugly head and force them to separate for any of our remaining episodes.
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