Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Joo Won Parkours His Way Through "Jong Pal" 2nd Teaser

Remember how I said I really wanted another trailer with actual footage from the drama "Yong Pal"?  You know, like, 7 hours ago?  Well the drama gods were obviously listening!  That's right people... the drama gods read The Crazy Ahjummas. And bow to our every whim.

KMUSE- OH MY GOSH IT IS BETTER THAN I COULD EVER HAVE DREAMED!  Joo Won is sexy.  Joo Won is running.  Run Joo Won Run.  (Hmmmm should we create an easy reader book using khotties?  I bet it would be a hit with the Ahjumma crowd).

DONGSAENG: Wait, did we mention Joo Won?!?! Joo.Freaking.Won. And, yes, Kmuse, I love the khottie easy reader book idea. See Joo Won Run. Joo Won jumps. Joo Won smiles. Fangirls die.

KMUSE- "Jong Pal" is a drama about a genius surgeon who will do anything for money......and will travel.  Travel by car, by foot, by parkouring his way over rooftops.  Hmmmm I approve 100%.

DONGSAENG: Yeah, definitely NOT the trailer I was expecting for a supposed "medical" drama. Note - I am not complaining at all. This beats Joo Won in a white coat hands down. Know what I'm sayin?

DONGSAENG: I think it bears repeating... JOO WON!!! Thank you Drama Gods! Not only did you listen, but you really outdid yourselves this time. For our next request...hmmm...would it kill ya you put a little something together with Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah? ;)
Yong Pal will hit our TV screens August 5th following the current ratings winner "Mask".


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