Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Upcoming Drama "Last" Creates Buzz With Unique Promotional Campaign.

The upcoming melodrama "Last" is quickly approaching it's release date and while we are getting a ton of teasers, I am not sure if they are really convincing me to watch.  Or maybe they are since here we are blogging about it.

KMUSE- I continue to be a huge Lee Beom Soo fan regardless of his less than memorable role in "Triangle".  I see the above photo and I just have the urge to watch him.

DONGSAENG: I watched maybe 1/3rd of Triangle and don't even remember him. How sad is that? In my defense though -- Jaejoong.
KMUSE - Another positive is Yoon Kye-Sang playing the lead.  I loved him in "Beyond the Clouds", the first serious role I had watched him play.  It was so enjoyable that I am completely on board watching him in another melo role.

*A fund manager who was on the road to success fails at a stock plan and becomes a homeless person overnight. He faces the secret ranking system amongst the other homeless men and fights for survival.

Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Character Teasers
Lee Beom Soo

Yoon Kye-Sang: "To get out of this Hell, I have to climb to the top of Hell."

Park Won-Sang: "Boxing and life depends on steps, if a step is twisted only once, that is the end."

Park Ye-Jin: "I should've run away before, but it is too late."

Seo Ye-Ji: "I feel sorry and responsible for someone, because I like that person."

KMUSE - On one hand I love how beautiful the photos are.  I am a huge fan of black and white photography, and that pop of yellow is wonderfully used. 

KMUSE- On the other side though--I really want to see some action.  And more than a glimpse of our lead tied to a chair.  This drama looks like it is going to be very intense and I hope it delivers what it is attempting to sell.

DONGSAENG: While I don't actually dislike the trailers, I do have to say that watching them doesn't give me much of an idea about the story. They do set a certain tone and feel though, so we'll go with that and let the story just unfold on its own without too much given away beforehand. After all, who likes to go to a movie only to realize that all the best material was used in the trailers? Leaves you disappointed and let down. They won't have that problem here since they pretty much give us nothing other than faces and vague quotes. Not enough to convince me to watch, but that has more to do with my personal preference for light and funny over serious crime melo.

"Last" begins airing in July of 2015.
*Hancinema Synopsis

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