Friday, July 24, 2015

Second Leads of "Yong Pal" Show Their Stylish Side in New Stills

Since we have been following all things "Yong Pal", I figured we would throw in these last stills of our 2nd leads to close out the week.  Both Jo Hyun Jae (King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyang) and
Chae Jeong An (A New Leaf) are looking stylish in their first stills.

Jo Hyun Jae (Don't know how I will survive watching him be a bad guy since I LOVED him in King's Daughter) will play the half brother of Kim Tae Hee's character and from all accounts is totally greedy and evil.  He is purposefully keeping his sister in a coma to control the family's company.

Chae Jeong An has hidden depths as she portrays a shallow surface full of fangirling and plastic surgery news, when in fact, she is keeping her ears open to information about Kim Tae Hee's character as well as the going on at the hospital.

So far I am loving all the various character descriptions coming our way and am very excited to declare this my next recapping project since two of my dramas end this week.  I just hope that it lives up to all its potential.
"Yong Pal" begins airing on August 5th taking over the time slot of ratings winner drama "Mask"


  1. August 5th, I'm thinking LOL I can't wait for this drama!

  2. Uhmmm oops... thanks for letting me know. Fixed.


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