Sunday, July 26, 2015

Siwon Considering 2nd lead in "She Was Pretty"

I was actually just rewatching "King Of Dramas" for my Operation Kdrama Chat discussion group and was wishing Choi Siwon would come back to my TV screen.  He has been gone from dramaland for almost 3 years which is way way to long.   Siwon has been offered the role of 2nd lead in upcoming drama "She Was Pretty" next to leads Hwang Jung Eum & Park Seo Joon.

He would be playing a fashion magazine editor with many skills and a mysterious aura.  If he does accept this drama, I really really hope it goes with a more comedy theme since I love Siwon when he is playing fun over the top characters. (DONGSAENG: Me too!!!! I totally agree that funny, over-the-top, quirky Siwon definitely needs to make a triumphant return to my TV screen)  Now lets all cross our fingers and hope that he accepts the role so we can see him come this fall.

"She Was Pretty" will air in September following the current airing Wed/Thur drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night".

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