Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

Could y'all do me one little favor? It won't take long! So, there's this story called Playful Kiss. I know, I know. The hero is mean, his acting is sub-par, etc. Maybe it's because it was one of my first K-dramas, but it's a favorite of mine. Lots of us love it in one form or another. It Started with a Kiss, Love in Tokyo, Itazura Na Kiss. So many versions exist, but now there's Thailand's Kiss Me, with the super-combustible couple of Mike and Aom. If you haven't seen them, just go to Youtube and search for Full House Thai Kiss. What they did with an ice cream, where was I?

Dramafever usually doesn't license Thai dramas, and Viki only has a few. So how would you feel about a little email campaign? I think it will be an interesting experiment. Do they really listen to our suggestions or not? It's super easy. Both sites have a quick form to fill out where you suggest the dramas you'd like to see. They look like this:
Viki Request Page
Dramafever Request Page

Just click on those links I gave you and type "Kiss Me" and "Thailand" in the appropriate boxes. It might take you two minutes. Then you can bookmark the pages for the next time you want to suggest something on your own.

I honestly don't know if this will work, but I thought it might be fun to band together and try to get something shown. The drama airs in September. If it happens, we could try it again in the future with something y'all want to watch. Come on chingus, do me this little, bitty favor. Imagine me giving you the aegyo right now. Awww? Awww?

Here's what K-muse previously wrote about the new remake, in case you want to see the trailer and cute, press conference shenanigans:

Trailer for Kiss Me - Mike and Aom are back


  1. Would be so happy if this happened. Consistent Thai subs are one of my dreams

  2. Done on both sites. Looks like it would be fun to watch. I hope that they are paying attention.

  3. Thanks, Comix! Hopefully, we'll get the chance to find out : )

  4. Done. Hope it helps. Would love to see this on an official channel

  5. What a great idea! Mike and Aom and that ice cream cone, holy cow was that a steamy scene. I can't wait for them to come back to us!

  6. I like many of the Thai ones as well! Going shortly to fill out the request forms. I never knew we could do that. That is what I get for watching predominately on my ipod!


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