Monday, July 27, 2015

Posters for upcoming drama "Yong Pal"

Hey all, Kmuse here on the eve of my departure for KCON!  OK, really to visit my husband's family, but KCON is totally on the schedule as well.  Family lives in southern California, KCON is in southern California, why not combine the two.  At least that is how I phrased it to my husband and in a small fit of insanity he agreed!  So my mom, my two awesome daughters, and I are KCON bound, with a slight family detour.

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with "Yong Pal"...... but my point is that this is the last day I will have access to my PC for a week.  Which means I will be absent from my blogging all things Kentertainment..  So in anticipation of my withdrawals (actually I just had a bunch of stuff come up all at once) I will be posting a lot today!  YAY for us all!  So first up are the two posters for "Yong Pal".

This slick and stylish feel is abundant in these posters and I love how interesting both of them are.  It really grabs the eye and I see new things every time I view them.  When I get back from my trip I plan on recapping this drama so be sure to check back next week.  Also still check the blog everyday since my awesome Blogner (blog partner) Dongsaeng is going to be posting in my stead.  She will probably want to do away with me after receiving texts about posting this and that.  Also I will be coming back from LA with some Kdrama/Kpop swag for an awesome giveaway we are planning since we just hit 500 likes on our FB PAGE which is cause to celebrate.  So anticipate that as well!
"Yong Pal" is set to air on August 5th following "Mask.

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