Friday, August 21, 2015

"Because It's The First Time" Character Teasers are Out. But Will I Be Watching?

New teasers are out for the upcoming drama "Because It's The First Time" which is being promoted as a realistic drama about love and life of people in their twenties.  Usually I would be happy and all smiles over this type of drama since I love romantic dramas regardless of their comedy or melodrama status.  Unfortunately there is a HUGE negative looming on the horizon when it comes to my enjoyment.

Is it the cast?
Nope.  I like Choi Min Ho.  Sure I know he is not the most talented actor out there.  But he was fun in "To The Beautiful You" and his eye candy status covers a lot of flaws. Especially in a breezy role.  Have not watched the leading lady (Park So Dam - Veteran)_ or 2nd lead (Kim Min Jae - Persevere Goo Ha Ra) much, but just judging from the trailers I have no complaints as yet.

Is it the plot?
No again.  Sure they can say it is a realistic telling of life of twenty year olds in Korea, but I can't fail to take in account that we have a rich leading man, a poor leading lady, and a nice poor 2nd lead.  It does not sound like they are trying to rewrite the genre.

So what is the problem?
The problem is that this drama is penned by the writers behind "Discover of Romance" and the "I Need Romance" chain of dramas.  While I was able to tolerate "INR 3", the rest of their dramas made me want to chew nails.  Often their characters are horrible people and their relationship decision making is downright toxic.  Every time I try to give their shows another chance, I am burned.
So am I going to give this show a chance? Hmmm, I am just not sure.  I will probably try it, but i will have no qualms at ditching it ASAP the first moment I want to kill the leads.



"Because It's the First Time" will air in October

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