Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yoo Seung Ho Continues to Show Off His Sexy Athleticism for High Cut.

You know that we here at TCA tend to focus more on Kdramas with a tad bit of Kpop added in for flavor.  But a certain sexy celebrity refuses to come back to the small screen so we are forced to follow him wherever he leads.  I am of course talking about everyone's favorite young hottie Yoo Seung Ho who is fresh(ish) out of the military.

A week ago we were all marveling at how mature Yoo Seung Ho looked in his Adidas ad campaign. And here he is again trying to kill this Ahjumma with feelz, looking mature and a little bit sweaty.  Is anyone else wanting him to choose a drama where he has to run a lot?  I would totally be supportive of that casting choice.
This pictorial is for the magazine High Cut and maybe if we all pray together to the kdrama gods, we can be seeing Seung Ho's new look on our TV screens in 2016.
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  1. I have an intense urge to go do laundry.

  2. LOL Can I come along? Mercy he's grown-up so much. What a handsome man.

  3. No words - I mean - OMG he's sooo hot ~sigh~


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