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I Remember You Episode 13 - Screw Ethical Endings........I Want My Bromantic Happily Ever After.

What happens when you find your long lost brother, only to discover he is just a tad bit of a serial killer?  That is the quandary facing our hero Hyeon as he reunites with his little brother Min in ep 13.  It is also the question that I, an awesome ahjumma viewer, has become obsessed with.  Usually at this point I am screaming for some romantic shenanigans, lingering looks, hot (eyes closed) smooches, but not with this drama.  Instead I am breathlessly waiting for every brotherly head pat and timid smile.  SQUEEEEEEEE  The bromance vibes are so strong in this drama that I am almost at the point of saying "Ethics be darned......just let little brother Min and Hyeon have their happily ever after".

But this is a recap and I can't obsess only about Min and Hyeon's relationship.
"Its OK we can share the blog post"
Or can I?
"Everything should be all about me"
Haha, just kidding.  I will be good and chat about all the other things this drama has to offer.  Thankfully this is not a one trick pony type of a drama and there is a plethora of awesome character moments.  It makes a viewer want to virtually kiss whoever the casting director was since they are obviously AMAZING.

Let's jump right where we left off on the last episode.  Crazy revenge killer is after the people Hyeon loves as payback for his girlfriends death (due to Hyeon's father) 20 years earlier.  She had been impaled by some piping (ouch), so the guy is going around trying to stab the person (with a similar weapon) that Hyeon loves the most.   Now our hero just has to warn those around him.....which pretty much means he has to let Ji An and Min know to watch their backs since Hyeon is not exactly a person with a ton of friends.
First Hyeon calls Ji An and anxiously tells her to get to safety since someone might come after her since she is his girlfriend.  It cracks me up that she focuses in only on the fact that she is a "cherished" person to Hyeon.  Soooo Cuteeee!
Realizing that Min might also be in danger, Hyeon calls him next, but is too late.  Revenge Bad Guy is already there and has a knife up against Min's throat.  Anyone else impressed on how cool Min looked not being concerned about the giant knife pressed against his artery?  Also am I the only one that is finding Min a tiny bit hot in a bad guy, I might kill you if you break up with me (or leave me at a Walmart parking lot), kind of way?
It amuses me how the blurred out knife actually looks like a tanning reflector.
But Min is not the timid lawyer the bad guy was expecting, and after he sends the phone call to Hyeon, Min attacks the bad guy in a pretty awesome fighting sequence.  I suspect Min would have won, if not for the whole getting stabbed thing.  But boy was he pretty through this whole scene.
Hyeon shows up right after the stabbing, just in time to try and talk the bad guy away from his murderous intent.  But it is Ji An who really saves the day when she shoots bad guy (sorry for the lack of inventive nicknames.  There are just too many killers to be creative with every one) and keeps him from stabbing Min with a lead pipe.  While Hyeon runs to his brother, Ji An chases the bad guy who escapes......Or does he?
Sure enough our bad guy meets an even scarier predator who is not amused that his sweet protege was hurt.  Bad guy ends up dead with only his active phone and a steal bar impaled through his body, morbidly sticking up like a tombstone, marking his burial ground.
Everyone knows that Kdrama writers usually use the whole "got sick/hurt and have to be in the hospital" trope to bring OTP's closer together.  Guess what?  It works for cute brothers bromancing as well!  Who else is with me on Squeeing out loud during this scene?  I literally woke up my husband and oldest daughter since I watched this episode in the hotel room after everyone had gone to bed.  Was so embarrassed, but a fangirl has to fangirl when the mood strikes despite possible embarrassment.
And who could forget the joy of watching Hyeon feed his little brother porridge?  UGH the feelz when I stare at Min's lost expression whenever his brother is around.  They are killing me.  ***Be sure to check out the BTS footage of this scene at the bottom of my post.  It is epic.***

Or how about the time where Hyeon and Doctor Death fight over who will watch little Min?  ACK.... there is something just so satisfying about all three of their interactions with each other, even though it is mentally messed up.  Even a week long session with Dr Phil couldn't fix these three guy's emotional baggage.  And that is without touching on the whole serial killer aspect.
"I feel like the belle of the ball with two suitors vying for my attention.  YAY ME!"
-Moments that Made Me Laugh-
Taking a quick break from the bromance to chat about some of the funnier moments of the episode.  First up is Art BFF having to watch over sweet killer Min in the hospital.  His reactions on realizing he was going to be hanging out with one of the possible "killers" (and later two of them when Doctor Death shows up) was just adorable.  Kudos to you for being a memorable character even though your part is small!
I also loved the scene where Hyeon almost confessed his feeling in front of the entire squad.  Hahaha, Hyeon was talking about how the bad guy was going after him by hurting those he loves so at first he thought that Ji An was the target.............Bwahahaha  Hyeon quickly saved his slip by saying that the only people that he was close to was this group and out of all of them Ji An was rated the highest.  He then goes on to give everyone an actual rating out of a 100.
My final moment of comedy that I don't want to skip (it was all kinds of adorable) was when grumpy cop helped team leader avoid getting caught eavesdropping.  They seem to have their own mini bromance going on which I approve of for side comedy purposes.
That's right....Feel the bromance a brewing.
Ji An also had some great story development this episode as our plucky girl verbally took on Doctor Death.  Knowing his secret, and suspecting that Doctor Death was behind the killing of this episode's bad guy, she uses her knowledge to try and best the doctor.  Ji An smiles like usual, but keeps talking about how sloppy and mediocre whoever killed the bad guy is.  I had to laugh at poor Hyeon's expression as Ji An kept taking verbal pot shots at our serial killer.
But it is Doctor Death who has the last laugh (although I am not sure if I really believe he was doing any type of payback.  He seems very uninterested in actually hurting either of our OTP so far.).  As a birthday present, Doctor Death sends Ji An a map showing where he had buried her father all those years earlier.   They had discussed whether it was better for the survivors to have hope that their loved ones are still alive, or whether it is better to know one way or the other.  This was his answer to Ji An's previous question.
My Thoughts:  
This is such a perfect setup for the final three episodes (I am a bit devastated that we are so close to the end and my SIG fix will be over.).  Everyone's secrets are pretty much out in the open, if not always stated verbally. So now we have to start looking towards the end. How are Ji An and Hyeon going to take down Doctor Death?  Will Min even let them since he seems extremely co-dependent with his "uncle"?  And if Min is able to move emotionally into a better direction, will he be able to ever live with his brother in peace?  I seriously think that Hyeon would have let his brother's past sins become a secret if Ji An was not aware of the situation.....but things are what they are.  Sadly, I still do not see a way that our brothers are going to be happy together and out of jail.  But you never know, writers have bowed down to viewers needs before.  Is it too much to ask that our bromance gets a happily ever after ending?
If you still have not had your fill of SIG/PBG bromance........take a look at their "in real life" friendship.  I dare you not to totally ship them after this.  
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  1. Inguks acting on trying to control his tears n shaky hands...... My kryptonite.

  2. Love the recaps, thanks ! Another great epi !! :)

  3. Just, OMG the intense adorableness going on between these two - pfft - Min only killed BAD people - he's like a cute little Dexter boy. I'm ok w/that LOL if it makes both those cuties happy. ~so evil me~

    1. I agree with the Dexter comparison. Now if only Asian culture could grasp that concept. Sadly, they are more black and white when it comes to bad guys.

  4. Thanks :) Agree it is another great episode

  5. Yeah Min and Hyeon's brotherly love is irresistible. But it saddens me knowing that we only have 2 episodes to go. I know the PD and writers will not fail us. Hope I remember you will have a special episode! :D

    1. I anticipate that Min might confessed and turned himself into the for LJY, it's up to the police and Lee Hyun/Ji An to get the evidence to get him....


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