Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Buffet of Eye Candy: Posters, Stills, and BTS Photos Galore for Upcoming New Dramas

I am of the opinion that you can never have enough Kentertainment news, so when a flood of new images have come in, we have to share them with you. You know, because we care. 

Yong Pal:
First, the drama that many are excited about that begins tomorrow (woohoo!), Yong Pal, has one final poster for us. As if we needed an excuse to have more Joo Won in our lives.

Twenty Again:
Upcoming drama staring Choi Ji Woo, Twenty Again, has released two posters which continue with the dramas light and breezy tone.  However I have been burned by TvN in the past.  Sometimes their light and breezy turn into emotional roller coaster melos.  I will believe it when I see it.

I Have a Lover:
A new drama that we haven't really talked about here yet has just released some stills. I Have a Lover stars Kim Hyun Joo, Ji Jin Hee, and Park Han Byul and sounds all makjang-y. It's slated to be 50 episodes and is about a woman who loses her memory and re-meets her husband who she used to hate, but now that she can't remember him, she falls in love with him again. I also hear that there are some twin sisters reunited after living apart for 30 years. "I Have a Lover" will replace"The Time We Were Not in Love"'s Sat/Sun time slot starting August 22nd.
The Innkeeper:
script reading  
Welcome back to dramaland Jang Hyuk! I know you weren't gone all that long, but I still missed you. Upcoming epic historical period piece, The Innkeeper, has started in on the first script readings. Does this mean we get to see Jang Hyuk in hanbok again? The Innkeeper will be following Assembly on KBS, so look for it starting in September.

 Eccentric Daughter in Law:
Eccentric Daughter In Law sounds like a drama that my in-laws might have written. You know, about their eccentric daughter-in-law, aka me? No? Okay, yeah, that was lame. I tried. Anyway, stills showcasing the men of this drama are out. Hiya boys!
Eccentric Daughter-in-Law, also known as The Virtual Bride, will be taking the time slot currently being filled beautifully by our beloved I Remember You/Hello Monster on KBS2 Mon/Tues. *sniffle* Sorry Eccentric DIL, it's not you, it's SIG. We aren't ready to say goodbye to Seo In Guk next week. It stars Kim Dasom, Go Doo Shim, and Ryu Soo Young. It's about a former idol who goes on a reality TV show that pairs up fake mothers and daughters-in-law. Reality ends up imitating fiction in this case and this idol and her fake TV mother-in-law that hate each other end up as actual in-laws for real. I'm hoping for a light and funny little rom/com. This drama is following others this year and is only scheduled for 12 episodes. This is a new trend that I personally am a fan of. Gasp! How could I?! I know! I feel like such a traitor, but there you have it. I like 12 episode dramas, I can't deny.

So, any of these catch your eye? Which are you planning on adding to your to-watch list? Hope these sneak peeks give you some ideas on what to fill your post-summer drama watching schedules with.

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  1. I can't wait for Jang Hyuk's drama!! And the Ji Jin Hee drama sounds interesting and makjang. I like him, and i think I'll give it a try.


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