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Oh My Ghostess ep 11 and 12: Two-Bodied Love Triangle Gets Complicated

Episodes 11 and 12 bring us a myriad of varied and mixed emotions, especially when it comes to our love triangle. High highs and low lows for our living and non-living girls alike. And some movement with our mystery and resident bad dude thrown into the fray just for kicks.

I know I sound like a broken record here, but I am still playing catch up with these recaps. I better pick up the pace a bit though considering the finale is this week, huh? I've assembled here a small list of some of the finer and more important parts of these two episodes. It is by no means the entirety of what happened, but hey, we like cliff notes sometimes, don't we? ;) So, without further ado, I give you the highlights of these two episodes.

1. You Didn't Actually Think they were going to do anything, did you?
When we last left our couple, things were getting all hot and heavy in a rooftop tent. I mean, top buttons were undone and everything! Now though, of course we didn't really actually expect anything to happen that night, right? Of course not. That would be silly. So, disappointing as it may be, we start out the week with the "what happened next", and what happened next was a big, fat nothing. BS Soon Ae freaks out, jumps up and runs away, leaving poor Sun Woo trying to figure out if he smelled bad or something. She later explains that she wolfed down his delicious food so quickly that it gave her indigestion and she thought she was going to yak. Romantic, don't you think?

2. Sleepover
After the whole 'misunderstanding' was resolved between our almost-lovers, they get tossed into another opportune moment. BS Soon Ae finds her little room is flooded and so heads across to boyfriend's house for a little refugee sleepover. The two of them are so awkward and adorable as they don't quite know how to act around each other. By this point in their relationship, BS Soon Ae's previous constant begging for carnal activities has got Sun Woo all lathered up and ready to go just as she is pulling back because now that she has feelings for him, she wants to take it slow. I had to laugh when he slowly slid into bed next to her. She of course absolutely freaked out and he finally asked just what was going on - he was incredibly confused that she went from begging to jumping any time he got near. She explained how he convinced her that taking it slow was the way to go, and all was once again resolved.

3. Suicide?
BS Soon Ae goes to visit her dad and asks him about his daughter's death. She is shocked to find out from him that supposedly she had committed suicide. She agrees with me on this and doesn't see herself being the type to take her own life. Then, looking through Soon Ae's old journal, BS Soon Ae comes across tickets to Guam. She had secretly planned a family trip for her father's birthday. This trip was to take place one week after the day she supposedly committed suicide. Things just aren't adding up for her, and, being the smart girl that she is, she's doubting this whole suicide thing. So who does she go to to find out more? Scary Cop. You know, as in the man possessed by an evil spirit that was the one to actually kill her. I take back the smart girl thing now and call her an idiot. Especially after she hands over the evidence straight into the perp's hands.

4. The Lovers, The Ghost, and the Goodbye
Despite being shut out in the bedroom, our couple is doing marvelously. A little jealousy here and there on the part of Sun Woo when it comes to Joon, our delicious Cordon Bleu boy, but overall the love department is cheery and sickeningly sweet and perfect. Bong Sun is spending a lot of time alone with her man, sans ghost as Soon Ae plays detective regarding her death. Just as the two are about to lock lips though, Soon Ae comes upon them and is suddenly overcome by ghostly jealousy herself. She rages and runs at the couple, pushing an unsuspecting Bong Sun to the ground. Both look at each other, shocked and horrified. Soon Ae, it would seem, has just been hit by another case of the evil spirits. It's enough to freak her out and knock some sense into her. Suddenly her plans to stick around just a little bit longer for the sake of her love seems a bit more than just a little risky. She decides that it is time to say goodbye, forget fulfilling her virgin grudge and do the painful ritual instead in order to ascend before it is too late. She leaves a note for Bong Sun, who, upon reading it, goes off in search of her ghost.

1. Selfish Bong Sun
In the midst of Soon Ae leaving and Bong Sun's search for her (and Sun Woo's concurrent search for Bong Sun), Bong Sun decides that she is going to be selfish now and claim Sun Woo for herself without Soon Ae. Soon Ae is gone, but the boy most certainly is not. It's awesome to see her finally go after something she wants. I love her (short) burst of self-confidence and spunk.
I use this as evidence to support my claim that he truly loves Bong Sun over Soon Ae. Soon Ae got his attention, Bong Sun captured his heart.

2. Burying the Hatchet and Calling a least for now
Something else positive that happened was the truce called between our old love and new love. PD Lee and Bong Sun bury the hatchet. The three of them all go out and PD Lee discovers that she can't help but love Bong Sun and therefore chooses to just let the couple live happily and takes herself out of the equation. Okay, so I know that in the past, I haven't been so pro PD Lee, but now we're okay. She even went as far as to apologize for her behavior at the MT she crashed. Classy move. My anger and hatred is currently extinguished and I am enjoying this newfound peace. Let's just hope it sticks around.

3. Scary scary slice-y stomp-y stalk-y Cop-y
How many times and how many ways can I say that this guy is super creepy? He's taken weird and scary to a new level in these episodes. He's stalking Bong Sun and getting increasingly violent. Some of his crowning moments of the week include him lurking outside the restaurant with a blurry knife in hand. And, just in case we started to wonder if blurry knives were as dangerous as the non-blurry variety, well, he goes and proves to us that yes, indeed they are, for when his apparent Bong Sun stabbing plans are foiled by Sun Woo coming into the kitchen, Scary grabs the blurry blade and cuts his own hand with it. Blood drips menacingly and we all cringe at the crazy. Oh, but the fun doesn't stop there. In case we think that he's only into self-mutilation, we later see him dragging the body of a screaming man who was yelling and threatening him in his car. Road rage turns to murder (we assume) as Scary stomps him to death. So yeah, just so we are clear - this guy is possessed by an evil spirit and is coming for an unsuspecting Bong Sun that pretty much just sealed her own death by letting him know that she suspects Soon Ae's death was not a suicide.

4. Sad Ghostie
So what's up with Soon Ae? Poor dead girl has spent much of the episode moping around and fully depressed with her lot in (after)life. She's fallen in love with a live boy and there's nothing she can do about it. She is turning evil and has run out of time. And while her (after)life and love life are both falling apart around her, she also stumbles upon the mystery surrounding her death. Bad day to be poor Soon Ae.

Sad Ghostie decides to die
As mentioned earlier, Soon Ae makes the decision to have the Ghost Whisperer Ahjumma do her ritual to send her to the afterlife as fulfilling her virgin grudge becomes impossible. She's heartbroken and figures that this is the best way to save herself, Bong Sun, and Sun Woo from further heartbreak. It has finally dawned on her that she doesn't belong, that she needs to let go. So, despite the agony that this ritual apparently causes, it's the route she chooses. She and sahbingo make the plans.

Sad Ghostie saves her drunk body host
Bong Sun is drunk and wandering the streets when a car speeds towards her. Soon Ae, with perfect timing and who has just shown up is thankfully there to push her out of the way and save her life.

Sad Ghostie catches the bad guy being bad and decides to stay
Shortly after saving Bong Sun from the speeding car, Soon Ae discovers that that car belongs to Scary Cop. Not only that, but she figures out that Scary Cop is super scary (she sees him kill that road rage guy) and that he is targeting Bong Sun. This prompts her to risk her own soul and stay to save Bong Sun from the bad man coming after her.

5. So Many Cats Out of So Many Bags

Episode 12 had many secrets revealed. Some we've already covered, and some we haven't. Let's check out a few of those kitties that are now running around loose and free.

relationship at work
Word is out at the restaurant that the boss is dating Bong Sun. Oh, hallelujah! I'm glad everyone knows now. I don't like secrets, and poor Joon shouldn't be the only one that was in on it. Everyone reacts in an amusing way, especially as they start treating Bong Sun like a princess and not letting her do any work. Silly boys.

when i fell
Sun Woo takes Bong Sun on a romantic date to Namsan Tower thinking that she had always wanted to go, when really it had been Soon Ae's dream. While having this romantic moment actually kinda sorta intended for another, unbeknownst to him, Sun Woo tells Bong Sun of moments between them that meant the most to him. And they were times that were of course when Soon Ae was at the helm of the Bong Sun ship. 

oh crap he loves the ghost
This whole date and Sun Woo's confession prove to be too much for our poor heroine. She is slowly coming to realize that maybe having a ghost in charge of her love life could have some unwanted consequences, like, say, for example, your boyfriend falling in love with someone not you. Doing the math here, she gets depressed when she figures out that he loves the Soon Ae her, not the her her. Granted, I will still argue that he does love the her her equally as well, if not more than the Soon Ae her, but I can see her point here as well.

hey you love a ghost
The sad truth and the guilt of it the charade finally prove to be more than she can handle, and so she finally tells him the truth - that she has been possessed by a ghost and that that ghost is the one he has fallen for. His reaction to this is understandably to stand there looking gobsmacked, utterly and completely speechless. Can you blame him? The boy doesn't even believe in ghosts and now his girlfriend is going on about how she sees them and how she's been taken over by one and how that is the entity he loves. That's a lot to swallow all at once.

Final Thoughts: I'm trying to enjoy all the happy while I still can before the poo hits the fan. And I'm fully enjoying our lovely chef and the 'risque business' still going on between our leads.
What would I give to have this man give me that look. wOw!

And there you have it. The cliff notes on episodes 11 and 12. Yes, little short on some of the more fun and romantic details and moments, as well as the side characters and their stories, but they should hopefully at least be the significant ones important to moving our tale along. I am off now to finally see what happens next in 13 and 14! Join me next time when I take those two on. I can't believe we are this close to the finale already!

Back hugs and fish kisses to you all,

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