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Oh My Ghostess eps 5 and 6: The Life of the Temporarily Unpossessed

Before starting, I'd like to take a moment and apologize for the little break in recaps on this drama recently. As I was working furiously on this post a couple of weeks ago, I received notice of problems with the first one. In all honesty, the experience shook me and discouraged me pretty badly and so I stepped away for a bit before being able to talk myself into trying again. In the three years that this blog has been up and running, it was our first run in with the dreaded DMCA notice and I didn't take it so well. I hope you can bear with me as I try now to play catch up. And let's hope for the best that all the hours dumped into this post don't end up like the other one - victim of the delete key. Thank you for your patience and understanding and especially for your constant support. You are the reason I chose to press forward and not give up in that low moment of frustration, so thank you. Now, shall we get back to it? We've got a lot of ground to cover!

When Bong Sun falls sick with a fever, Soon Ae's ghostly self is kicked out. Bong Sun awakes to a horrible realization - she has no memories of the past two weeks and it doesn't take her long to figure out that a ghost has been living in her place. The aftermath of it all isn't too pretty. She discovers she is homeless. Her coworkers are pawing all over her, treating her like "one of the guys" which absolutely freaks her out. She's back to her incessant "I'm sorry"s. She is being chased by the big scary Soon Ae ghost. She starts a fire in the storage room of the restaurant while some VIPs are there. Her boss/crush thinks she is bipolar. And she has to go on a TV show. All in all, not a very happy Bong Sun we've got here.
Hahaha! Bong Sun's frisky ways are being explained by the manic phase of her manic-depressive/bipolar cycles

Meanwhile, Soon Ae is having trouble readjusting to being invisible. Dead two and a half years, back in a body for 2 weeks, and it's like she's forgotten how to ghost. Poor kid. I loved how she tried to possess PD Lee (since she saw her as the woman most likely to have success getting laid by Chef), only to have her efforts there fail miserably as PD Lee just so happens to be a person of vitality herself and too strong for the undead to take over. Well, there's something to be grateful for at least. Can you imagine how screwed up that would make our story if she had succeeded and Chef and PD Lee had gotten it on? Lights out for any chance Bong Sun has with him at that point. Sure, your body host is terrified of you and won't listen to you and you can't talk to your dad or make headway into seducing your boss, but, being invisible still isn't without its perks though. You get to sit there and ogle a shirtless man and then lie in bed with him and make smoochie faces without him being any the wiser. It's not so bad, now is it? I know I have a few on my list I'd spirit around if I had the chance.

Oh how my heart swelled to watch Sun Woo take Bong Sun under his watchful wing! He gives her a little room to stay in there at the restaurant (conveniently located right outside of his own door - hubba hubba!).

He takes her to the doctor and worries about her and does his best to care for her. And he makes her her own cabbage porridge off of her website!! AWWWW!!!! So melty and wonderful and sweet! And it gets even better! She goes to her site, see's the comment he had left and replies to it. He sees that and gets all gushy, going on about how they get each other emotionally. They get each other emotionally!!!

I know that things are technically more relationship-y when Bong Sun is possessed, but I think it's Bong Sun and not Soon Ae that he will fall in love with. I think Soon Ae is just helping to open up the possibility of something between the two of them, because, obviously, if left to her own devices, Bong Sun would never ever make a move. They are both so adorkable and awkward and just perfect for each other. Every once in a while, we get a rare glimpse of Bong Sun's true personality, like when she's cooking and blogging at home, and it's sweet and delightful. I think the constant barrage of ghosts in her life has broken her and made her so anxious that the real her doesn't get a chance to surface very often. Hopefully this time spent with Soon Ae will open up some opportunities for the real Bong Sun to come out and play. And it's not like Soon Ae is hooking her up with someone she has no interest in. She's carried a torch for this guy for a long time. Her ghost friend is just giving her a little hand.

Soon Ae and Bong Sun spend the majority of episode 5 living their separate life/after life, but in the end, are reunited once again as Soon Ae tries to save her father. Her dad has fallen ill after drinking his feelings. Fallen ill, as in fallen and passed out. Officer Scary finds him and leaves him. The running theory on him, by the way, is that he himself is possessed by a ghost. When the Ghost Whisperer ahjumma says something to the effect of "he sometimes seems like a different person" upon seeing his picture, this further substantiates this popular theory. Either way, possessed or not, he proves that he is not the perfect Boy Scout he appears to be when he leaves Pops passed out and alone. Not only does he leave him, but he seems happy that the old man may possibly die. Ooh, there is something serious going on here with this dude.

Soon Ae, after successfully summoning her ghostly powers to open to the 'Stash of Money' section of her old diary, rushes in to tell Dad about the cash when she sees him on the floor. She panics and runs to Bong Sun for help, knowing that Bong Sun is the only one that she knows that can see her. At least the only one that can see her and that she, Soon Ae, is not hiding from (ie Ghost Wrangler ahjumma). Meanwhile, Bong Sun is living out the nightmare of having to go on TV as herself without Soon Ae's possession. Things are disastrous on set and only get so much worse when a panicked Soon Ae shows up begging for help. All the ghost girl wants is for Bong Sun to call for help, but Bong Sun is too freaked out and a in her own panicked state to do so. Bong Sun loses it and runs off set and Soon Ae chases after her. Desperate to save Daddy, when Bong Sun turns her head, Soon Ae runs and jumps into her body.

Once reunited, our ghostly/human duo save Papa Shin. I think it's creepy/gross/funny that Soon Ae's brother thinks that Bong Sun likes him and that that is why she is hanging around their family. Ew and haha! The kid is delusional and if he only knew.... Another save happens when Bong Sun's spot on the TV show as Sun Woo's assistant is threatened, but Chef stands up for her and fights on her behalf. He's gotten so cute and sweet towards her, watching out for her and all. And thinking of her and worrying about her when she doesn't come home. When the BS Soon Ae combo reappears, the fun starts back up again. She tries to seduce him and he decides to give her cooking lessons.

Enter my favorite scene of this drama so far. BS Soon Ae's dream where they are cooking in the kitchen and things start to heat up. Hot and heavy Cho Jung Seok is someone I hope to see a lot of in the future. My oh my!!! Steamy! The sound of pots and pans crashing to the floor as he lifts her up.... Dreamy!

I can see that Soon Ae and I see eye to eye on some things.... I like the way this girl thinks. And dreams. More please! I love love love that he is loving this attention from her. He fights her off, but you can also tell that he's feeling pretty darn good about himself. Who wouldn't though? So long as they aren't scary/creepy about it, it's nice to know that someone is attracted to you, don't you think? Flattering and ego-boosting for sure. I think I'm going to like these one-on-one nightly cooking lessons. As these two get closer, we get more and more interactions between them that are absolutely delightful, and not just in dream/fantasy form. We get moments like playful biting, finger sucking, cute glances, lap-laying, and photo-taking, just to name a few.

Our episode brings another reunion, this time between Sun Woo and his childhood bullies. His old classmates are coming to the restaurant on his invitation for a special meal. He goes all out, pulling all the stops and making an elaborate and expensive meal to show off how successful he has become to these guys that used to make his life miserable. He's living out every bullied kid's dream. The guys all show up and are properly impressed and blown away by King Sun Woo in his realm.
Ovary explosion when he had Bong Sun take his apron off in a display of "I am KING!"

The main bully shows up late, but is also put in his place. The best revenge is to show them that you have risen above the lowly place they tried to stick you in. Everything is cordial and pleasant enough with only some awkward tension. I so loved this display of Sun Woo being the better person and peacefully getting his revenge. How sweet it was when it turns out that this main bully of his has amounted to an overweight, struggling vacuum sales man. A sales man that has to then turn to this guy he used to bully and ask for his help. Later on a phone call between the two results even in an actual apology. The burying of old hatchets is always wonderful to see. I hope that this means that Sun Woo can put this part of his history behind him and move on to bigger and better. I'm so proud of him!

Two quick things that need to be mentioned. One is Officer Scary. Specifically for our purposes here as far as the mystery of Soon Ae's death goes, Officer Scary and the phone. Soon Ae's brother finds the cash Soon Ae worked so hard to leave laying out, but Dad refuses to use it. This prompts brother to yell at him for keeping Soon Ae's phone on even though she's dead and the phone was never found. Well, well, well...guess where that phone is? Kang Eun Hee finds a broken cell phone shoved in a drawer by her beloved husband.
Also, it is clear that Officer Scary has some major anger management issues. The part where he threw his drink at the windshield of a car because he was pissed that some mystery person called emergency services to save Papa Shin? Totally made me jump. Dude has something majorly wrong going on.
My face after the splat

The second thing I wanted to mention is our adorable and precious chef "Cordon". I love him. I just do. He's so gorgeous and sweet and I love how he looks out for Bong Sun. Pretty sure the boy has some feels for our girl. He looks on with concern when he sees her changing with and without possession and when he sees her getting closer to Sun Woo. He's awesome and always has her back. What's not to love?

Our episode ends with our two leading ladies once again being separated. BS Soon Ae and Chef Sun Woo have arranged to meet for a little buckwheat pancake eating date as part of her cooking lessons. She's prepping to make her move on him, pretty sure that this 'date' of theirs will for sure end in her "resolving her virgin ghost grudge". Love how this prep included her dousing herself in air freshener and "waxing" her legs with duct tape.

While she gets ready, the Ghost Wrangler has started to put some things of her own together. She's figured out that Soon Ae must be possessing Bong Sun so she comes looking for her. BS Soon Ae is on her way to meet Sun Woo when Ghost Wrangler shows up. There is a chase that results in Soon Ae leaping out of Bong Sun and onto a passing bus. This leaves Bong Sun suddenly ghost-free and walking aimlessly down the sidewalk. Let's stop and pause and think about what that must have been like for this poor girl. The last thing she knew, she had just run off of a filming set. Now suddenly she's on a sidewalk, smelling like air freshener, and going who-knows-where. And then, before she can figure it out, there's her crush standing in front of her, waiting. For her. Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh! This should be good!

Final thoughts: I am still loving this drama so far and think our cast is phenomenal. I appreciate how the two women really are working seamlessly together. It is so easy to see Soon Ae's character in Bong Sun when she possesses her. The body may look the same, but the personalities are so perfectly portrayed that it's hard to remember that it is one actress playing, in essence, two different roles. And our leading man is just spectacular. I am falling hard for him. I'd like to applaud him for his many shirtless scenes. I didn't include them in this recap, but they do deserve a quick shout out. This man has stripped for us quite a few times already and I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks ;) It's a completely delightful ride all around.

Stay tuned as I continue to play catch up. Four more episodes have been released and it's time for me to get crackin! I'll be back as soon as possible with those four episodes. Until then, thanks for stopping by and I wish you many a happy drama.

Back hugs and fish kisses to you,

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