Thursday, July 30, 2015

3rd Teaser for Yong Pal Released

Joo Won fans rejoice! (And I suppose Kim Tae Hee fans can rejoice too while we're at it. You know, if that's more your style). A new teaser for upcoming drama Yong Pal has been released. Which of course means -- more Joo Won!!!! Yay!

Did I mention Joo Won? Hi sweetie! Good to see you again!

This teaser is action packed with doctors, scalpels, guns, bloody beakers and bad guys galore, not to mention sleeping women in bright white hospital rooms. Very intense! And Joo Won yells. I love to see a passionate man. hubba hubba!

Quick recap for those not familiar with the premise of the show - Kim Tae Hee plays a woman who is being kept in a coma by some bad guys. Joo Won plays a doctor who will do anything for money, including what appears to be rogue, vigilante-type, action figure stuff which is way more interesting than a boring lab coat.  (Though now I am imagining Joo Won in nothing but a lab coat and, funny enough, that kind of works for him. I wouldn't kick him out of the O.R.)

Here, let's meet some of our cast of intense characters....
Bad Guy
Bad Guy
Sleeping Beauty
Joo Won
More Joo Won
Bad Guy
Stunning Joo Won
Bad Guy
Ahh...Joo Won *happy sigh*
The Awake Girl Formerly Known as Sleeping Beauty
Teaser #3 - Did I mention ENGLISH SUBS?! (and Joo Won?)

Thankfully, our wait isn't going to be too much longer before we get to enjoy our Joo Won fix - Yong Pal premiers Aug 5th on SBS. What do you think? Will you be tuning in? Rumor has it that our very own Kmuse may just tackle this one as her next recap. Yay!

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