Monday, August 3, 2015

Twenty Again Brings Us a 2nd Teaser and More Cast Members

We get a sneak peek at who else will be appearing in upcoming drama, Twenty Again, in the 2nd teaser released, including our handsome leading man, Lee Sang Yoon.

Now, as stated in the past, my Korean isn't what I wish it were, so I can't tell you exactly what is going on here, but from what I can gather, we get shots of our leads, that, upon hearing some sort of information/news, go from neutral to shocked....
Whatever they are hearing, it is somehow related to our leading lady, the young-at-heart Ha No Ra (played by Choi Ji Woo).
There shock escalates to looks of abject horror, while she playfully dances through the street as circus music plays....
So basically, it looks like this is going to be goofy and a lot of fun and our heroine a hoot that drives her family crazy. Gotta love it! But don't take my word for it - check it out for yourself!

 2nd Teaser
Twenty Again, or Second Time Twenty Years Old as it is also known by, premiers this month following Oh My Ghostess on tvN.

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  1. It's funny, I saw Cho Ji Woo in the drama Can't Lose and I HATED her character, so i avoided her dramas for some time. Then I saw her in Suspicious housekeeper and the Japanese fusion Rondo and really liked her in it. This looks so cute. I always see Lee Sang Yoon in the most unlikely pairings. I really like him.


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