Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Byun Yo Han is Unrecognizable in Stills for "Six Flying Dragons"

I just love when an actor gets a makeover that allows them to become a totally new character.  Such is the case with Byun Yo Han (Ex-Girlfriends Club) who is a side character in the upcoming drama "Six Flying Dragons."

Byun Yo Han will be playing a skilled swordsman and brother to our leading lady,  Shin Se Kyung (Blade Man). She will play a girl who is kind and sweet and ends up romancing the future king of Joseon played by Yoo Ah In.

So far I am 100% loving the look of this drama and Yo Han's pictures just increase my impatience for its premiere.  "Six Flying Dragons" airs in early October.  Click here to see the first trailer.

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  1. Oh, I recognized him LOL I'm also loving the look of this drama!


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