Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Trailer for "Six Flying Dragons" is Worth The Wait

There I was, minding my own business, doing my last tweet of the night, and what should come across my feed, but the first trailer for upcoming saguek juggernaut "Six Flying Dragons".  YOO AH IN! YOO AH IN! WOOT! And it does not disappoint one tiny bit.

"Six Flying Dragons" is the upcoming SBS saguek specifically made to celebrate the TV stations 70th anniversary.  It has a stellar cast of Yoo Ah In,  Kim Myung Min, and Shin Se Kyung as the leads. "Six Flying Dragons" will tell the story of the foundation of Joseon and follow the rise of Yi Bang-won who will eventually become King Taejong.  For those readers who are Saguek fans, this will actually be the prequel story to "Tree with Deep Roots."

If you need more reasons as to why to watch this drama (how is Yoo Ah In not enough?) then here are some thoughts I had while watching the teaser.

#1 The Colors Are Gorgeous.
There is something so wonderful on seeing a historical that is filled with rich colors.  Those pops of color do a lot to bring forth a feeling of epicness.

#2 This is a time in history full of fighting and intrigue.
The whole story is about different people literally fighting to take over the throne.  This is not going to be a story that only happens in the kings chambers with a lot of men in hanbok politicking.

#3 Yoo Ah In's eye
What?  That is a totally valid reason.

#4 Yoo Ah In on a horse.
Sure he might not be able to ride (who knows?), but he sure looks pretty there in the artificial moonlight.

#5 Yoo Ah In's profile
SQUEEEE!  Look at his lips.  I am pretty sure they are successfully "acting" in this shot.

But don't take my fangirling word for it, check out the trailer yourself and let us know if you plan on watching.  "Six Flying Dragons" begins in early October following the current airing drama "Mrs Cop."

1st Trailer


  1. OMG, I CANT WAIT!!!! I love Yoo Ah In. Stellar actor, love his work

  2. OMG, I CANT WAIT!!!! I love Yoo Ah In. Stellar actor, love his work

  3. Hanbok Politiking - that can be the name of your first band. As someone who's been going through extra-long action drama withdrawal, this looks good!

  4. I wonder what was said in this teaser at the end? YooAhIn <3


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