Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Makjang is Leaping Off The Screen in These Teasers for Upcoming Drama "Glamorous Temptation"

Stock up on tissues for MBC's upcoming makjangfest "Glamorous Temptation" which is taking over the Monday/Tuesday slot previously held by "Hwajung".   They have released a 3rd teaser as well a more substantial 1st episode preview.  All I can say, is that this is going to be a wild emotional ride. 

You have to give the promotion people credit that they managed to fit in a wedding, an imprisonment, a possible suicide (or murder), two kidnappings, and multiple telanovela style staring scenes into 65 seconds of teasers.  "Glamorous Temptation" airs on October 5th.

Teaser 3

Ep-1 Preview

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