Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our "Ugly" Heroine is Revealed in New Trailer for "She Was Pretty"

Love is in the air, as is Hwang Jung Eum's frizzy hair, as we finally get a trailer for upcoming drama "She Was Pretty".  You have to love the Korean concept of "ugly".
KMUSE- Awww.  We get some romance right from the get go.  I love the kids and then the switch to adults.  Just so cute

KMUSE- Lets chat a bit about our leading lady who is supposed to be beyond ugly.  So ugly that life is horrible and she might as well not be living.  Oh kdramas, how you like to exaggerate.  Like when you say that IU is the homely girl next door, or in this case, that frizzy hair and red cheeks makes a girl hideous and unlovable.

DONGSAENG - She's a wreck for sure. I'd definitely cross the street if I saw that monster coming near me. *eye roll*

KMUSE - I know that a lot of people don't enjoy Hwang Jung Eum's style of acting.  And while I can agree that it is way over the top most of the time, I do give her credit for being willing to look stupid for a character.  So many actresses won't do these type of shows where they look less than perfect.

DONGSAENG - On Hwang Jung Eum: I'm not a member of her fan club, but I don't entirely hate her. She's not enough to keep me away from Siwon, uh, this awesome looking drama.

KMUSE - And oh my goodness is Park Seo Joon looking yummy as usual.  From what I understand, all our characters seem to work together, and it looks like there is going to be a ton of hijinks.  YAY FOR HIJINKS!  And Yay for yummy khotties.

DONGSAENG - I love how he turned from chubby nerd boy into smoking hot yumm!

DONGSAENG - Siwon is goofy, just as I like him.

KMUSE - Oh yes!  Goofy is Siwon's best look.  Not that he isn't beyond swoon worthy, but in regards to his acting goofy is his schtick.

DONGSAENG - Nice almost kiss scene

KMUSE - I love how we go back to the romantic atmosphere with a kiss in the rain....... in the middle of the street......... while almost getting run over by a truck of doom.  Sweet.

"She Was Pretty" will air on September 16th following "Scholar Who Walks the Night."


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  1. That truck of doom - I am forever yelling 'GET OUT OF THE STREET' to my TV w/KDramas LOL
    & yes, I'm so w/Dongsaeng - it would take a LOT more than this actress to make me not watch Siwon's last drama before enlistment. In fact I'm not sure there is anything that WOULD stop me....


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