Friday, September 4, 2015

First Stills Released for "Glamorous Temptation" of Nam Joo Hyeok and Kim Sae Ron

Usually I wouldn't really focus that much on the children's portion of a weekend drama.  However Nam Joo Hyeok and Kim Sae Ron are just to wonderful of a pairing to remain silent.  Both are talented actors with a growing list of successful dramas to their credit and will be the focus of the first 10 episodes.

"Glamorous Temptation" will contain a story about two women's competition to succeed in life and love with a dash of revenge.  It is a 50 episode drama, but even so, 10 episodes for a youth arc is pretty extensive.  But this just means we will get a ton of great quality time with these two actors.  Will you be watching? 
"Glamorous Temptation" is taking over the MBC Monday/Tuesday slot currently airing "Hwajung".

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