Monday, September 7, 2015

The Ahjumma Scoop - Let's Get Our Chat On

It's time for Kmuse and Dongsaeng to share yet another edition of "what we are watching" here on The Ahjumma Scoop.  Come check out our thoughts and maybe find a new drama that you have missed.  Or avoid one as the case might be, since Kmuse is watching a few that will make you scream at your TV.

KMUSE - It's been a bit slow in the drama department the last little bit.  I had my favorite dramas of course (still lamenting the end of "I Remember You") but I took a little time off from starting anything.  However, with several new dramas in the mix, I have gotten back onto the kdrama horse for better or worse.

-I Have a Lover-
KMUSE - I love to hate the characters in this show.  I can't recall a drama that had a more despicable home wrecker.  She is the embodiment of every selfish gold digging scum of a female that has ever graced our televisions.  I know that you all who are watching this drama with me are shaking your heads in agreement.

KMUSE - But it is actually the leading lady Kim Hyun Joo who steals the show.  Her ability to emit cold pain as she watches her husband shift into an affair and away from their marriage is wonderfully done.  Not to mention that the actress is doing double duty by also playing her own lost twin sister who is currently being hunted down because she is a whistle blower.  The two accidentally switch places and our leading lady is the one who is in a huge car accident (causing amnesia) instead of her sister.  Will this loss of memory give her a new lease on life away from her toxic husband and his skanky new girlfriend?  Will they get their just desserts?  Will Hae Kang get a happy ending?  It is these questions that keep me watching despite its smothering of makjang plot lines.

-Virtual Bride-
DONGSAENG: This is the only currently airing drama that I am watching outside of the two we are recapping (Kmuse's Yong Pal and our joint Twenty Again). While it isn't the best drama ever to grace my screen, it is still a fun little ride that I find I am enjoying more than I expected to. The lead couple is super cute together, even if the guy doesn't strike me as the hottest dude out there. Of course, that could be due in large part to his desperate need of a makeover. When he gets himself all dolled up and that shaggy hair of his tamed, he's not so bad. 

KMUSE - As for me, I actually like his geeky look.  I also have never really felt anything for him.  Mentally I can register that he is attractive, but emotionally he has always left me feeling "Meh".  Or even worse, rage, like in "Endless Love".  I hated his character so much, it was hard to get past.  Maybe that is why I like this drama so much.  His character is completely different so I don't compare.

KMUSE - And the OTP is uber cute together.  What is funny is that I don't think the leading lady is actually acting much.  It kind of seems that she is just being her regular self.  Thankfully her regular self seems to have chemistry with our leading man so it works.  I love how cute they are and look forward to them dating now that we officially have a confession.

DONGSAENG - For me, the real standout characters that I feel should be mentioned, I do so not because of how much I love them, but because of how much I loathe them. Utterly and completely. They make me so frustrated and angry in every single last scene that they are in. You would think that it would be the matriarch of the family that our leading lady "marries" into, since the whole concept of the show is supposed to be about living with your mother-in-law, but no. I mean, she has her moments when she's not my favorite person, but she also has moments where there's some decency and humanity in her. Not these other two. Well, maybe him, but they are lost in his namby-pamby momma's boy ways. That's right, I'm speaking of the family's daughter's husband and his odious mother. 

KMUSE - Never have i felt a person has so much reason to divorce their husband due to an in law.  This mom earned her way onto my "worst kdrama parent" list when she literally BIT HER DAUGHTER-IN-LAW.  Who does that?

DONGSAENG - So, our main famdam has three kids - two boys and one girl. The oldest son is our lead male. The youngest is married with a son and lives at home. And the daughter is married to a man with an unhealthy codependent relationship with his horrific mother who just so happens to also be this poor girl's senior at work. This woman makes life for her daughter-in-law a living hell. She mopes and whines about not having any grandchildren, but makes sure to steal the husband away every night with her fits of whining and temper tantrums. The man goes running off to momma anytime she so much as bats an eye. I swear, she's probably still breastfeeding him. He tries to be good to his wife, but does it while trying to still appease mommy. Dude, that's not going to work. The wife does all she can to play nice, both at work and at home, but she eventually breaks and chooses to run against her for a promotion/election and I want to cheer. I absolutely cannot stand the two of them and hope that the daughter leaves his sorry butt.
This is my expression anytime those two come on screen.  BLECK
KMUSE- I like the daughter.  She isn't a pushover, which is what you see most times in in-law kdrama situations.  Both the daughter, and the nice family daughter-in-law are respectful but have their own ideas on how things need to be done.  It is a nice change to see strong female characters all around (except for the psycho biter).

-Scholar Who Walks The Night-

KMUSE - I am still watching this drama for one reason, and one reason only.  Lee Joon Ki is hella hot as sexy vampire Kim Sung Yeol.  The rest of the story is a tad bit weak, and while I like the chemistry of the leads, it probably wouldn't have kept my attention if not for Joon Ki.  I think this is one of those dramas that would have benefited by a 16 episode count rather than 20. It says something when the majority of my FB discussion group didn't realize that it wasn't over when we hit episode 16.  If you want entertaining fluff with a ton of pretty, then check out this drama.  But if you want an actual vampire drama that has a bit of bite to it, go check out "Vampire Prosecutor" which is still the undeniable champion of the Korean vampire genre.


KMUSE -  I saved the best for Last.  Hahaha, but seriously this drama is AMAZING.  I know you might be wondering what I am talking about since if you look at the synopsis it sounds drier than dirt.  However, just ignore the official info and go watch it...... right now........ stop reading and go watch it (just kidding, finish reading this first then go watch it).

KMUSE - It has an amazing ensemble cast that brings every character to life.  You get involved with them all, good and evil, to the point you don't want anyone to die.  Be prepared for epic fights, backstabbing galore, and to be at the edge of your seats as you wonder if your favorite characters will make it alive to the end.


Westlife - "Angel"

KMUSE- This is one of my favorite songs from the 90's.  I even bought the "City of Angel" soundtrack back in the day for this song.  So I was thrilled when it was used in the drama "Yong Pal". 

DAY6 "Congratulations" DEBUT

KMUSE - I shared this on our FB page, but might as well share here as well.  I am loving this group's sound.  It is a bit more CNBlue than your usual idol group which makes this Ahjumma happy.  Am looking forward to what they come out with next.

And there you have it. The latest scoop on our personal watch and play lists. And if you haven't checked them out yet, be sure to check in with our weekly recaps of Yong Pal (Kmuse) and Twenty Again (Kmuse and Dongsaeng co-cap) for a more in-depth look at those two dramas. Also, be sure to come check out Dongsaeng's coverage of She Was Pretty when that drama starts. So much crazy going on - you don't want to miss out!


  1. I'm currently watching Assembly, which is underrated in terms of ratings but the acting is stupendous as expected from JJY and the rest of the cast, Last...well, you've said it all, a fantastic ensembe and a breathtaking story.
    So, Yongpal...I'll catch up this week, I hope. The writer was doing an excellent work with his script until...a toothache, maybe...Dentist can really be a nightmare, I know and along with his working with SBS that just loves live shooting have probably knocked him out...I hope. After a week or so of absolute rest he's back and good as new...I hope. BTW, City of Angels was a beautiful movie with an inspired OST and lived up to the original which is never ever an easy task for American adaptations of European films.
    I'm waiting to dive into I Have a Lover after finishing Last. More episodes usually make things easier for me rather than waiting week after week trying to figure out the writer, at least, at the beginning before ratings reach CEOs ears. I wish they were deaf - and mute sometimes tbh. This home wrecker issue is indeed intresting and controversial. I. for example, don't believe in "home wreckers". The one who wants to leave without looking back has been ready to do so long ago and all it takes is a young girl/boy/woman/man/cat/dog and other similar excuses for that house to be wrecked. There is no third person, there is only one person and one's choices. But the writer may have a different approach in mind and I'm ready for that.

    1. I think I might marathon Assembly once it is done. I was just in a kdrama funk when it started, and the slow early subbing moved it off my list.


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