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Twenty Again ep 4: Congratulations, You Have a Stalker

Stalker, old friend, professor, knight in shining armor, or guardian angel - however you want to look at it, the title would fit. But whatever you call him, make sure you include things like "gorgeous" or "hella hot" in the description. Gorgeous stalker. Hella hot old friend. Professor Yummy. Beautiful knight in shining armor. Handsome guardian angel. You get the gist. Whatever his official role in your eyes, we spend a lot of time with a watching and helpful Professor Cha in this episode.
Thinking that his old friend/first love is dying (after snooping in her personal diary - bad boy), Cha Hyun Suk goes into hyperdrive on the protective detail. He watches. He stalks. He interferes. And, if you ask me, he's crazy adorable doing all of this. Those beautiful, wonderful worrying eyes always turned towards her. Does a heart happy to see, I tell you.

The All Clear - footloose and cancer free - yippee!
That's right - No Ra has just received the all clear on her false cancer diagnosis. She's too elated to not be dying to even hold a grudge against the incompetent name mixing-up doctor. I liked how they showed the new, not dying her standing there at the bus stop watching the old, dying her cry, wearing the biggest, brightest smile at this new lease on life. She is like a death row inmate that has been pardoned and freed just moments before the switch is thrown. That's got to feel good.

The New Mom
Overjoyed by the good news that she is not dying, an elated No Ra bumps into her son and greets him joyously. The boy doesn't even know how to respond to this bizarre behavior from his normally subdued mother. Just then, poop head husband pulls up and witnesses the tail end of this unusual domestic scene. Like his son, he is also surprised by this display of exuberance from his wife. It made me wonder if this might change how he feels about her? Did his interest in her wane after her youthful light went out under the stress of child rearing and being married to a douche? He better not suddenly start to like her again and want her back. He's toxic and has no business bringing her down any more than he already has.Pompous a**.

The Save
After going through No Ra's diary, Hyun Suk decides that he should probably return it. Except that he can't just walk up to her and say, "here, here's your diary that I scoured through in a blatant invasion of your privacy, but it's okay because I'm sexy and have loved you for 20 years. Oh, and by the way, sorry you're dying. That's a major drag." So instead, he returns to her spot over in the pee zone (remember how he had told her that that was where students would go to relieve themselves - ew?) and leaves the diary there for her to find.

As he is leaving the scene of the clandestine drop (loved the trench coat and glasses action there by the way - very undercover of him), he notices a disastrous encounter about to go down. No Ra and Idiot Husband are about to bump into one another. He sees this unfolding, both parties oblivious to the dangers in front of them and jumps into action. Lucky for us, this jumping into action of his involves him grabbing No Ra and pulling her into him all nice and close-like. He and she bury themselves in his trench coat and hide. Their closeness causes quite the stir. Idiot Husband and a couple of other onlookers are shocked and horrified by the youth of today and their shameful public displays of affection. A couple of girls even whip out a camera and start shooting the scene. Perv much there, you little lookie-loos? Caught in their compromising position, Hyun Suk and No Ra make a run for it - holding hands and all. What was that I said earlier about making hearts happy? I know I was feeling some of those dancing little butterflies during this encounter.

The Discovery
Through the help of a couple of matching pens emblazoned with "I heart W", Hyun Suk discovers the affair happening between Idiot Husband and Annoying Mistress. Now he's really upset on No Ra's account. First, she's dying, and now her idiot husband is stepping out on her. I'm very curious to see what he does with this information.

The Play
First things first, he has to confirm his suspicions, something he does when he calls a meeting with the two of them. They both show up, but Hyun Suk isn't there. He texts them to let them know that he'll be 30 minutes late. Thinking they have a little time alone, they end up holding hands across the table as they talk real close and intimate like. Their little moment is interrupted by Hyun Suk walking through the doors. Caught red handed!

The Perv and the Consequence
Remember Professor Scuzball from episode 3 that had a penchant for groping young ladies and totally ruining parties? How could we forget? No one is letting our poor leading lady forget, that's for sure. An outcast of the student body afraid for their futures because of this nasty dude with too much influence over their lives, No Ra is agonizing over what to do. Everyone wants her to make nice and apologize to the pervert. She's at a loss. The old No Ra would never let this go or kowtow to such a man, but now No Ra is conflicted because she doesn't want to see her actions hurt the students.

The Defender
Caught up in all the controversy, No Ra isn't making many friends at school. Too bad too because she was slowly but surely starting to make some headway on that front before the handsy teacher took advantage of young girls in front of her. A heartwarming scene took place though in the midst of all of the shunning. Left out of the loop due to the students creating a No Ra-free chat room, she misses the announcement that class has moved to a new location. She sits all alone in an empty classroom, sad and dejected. Mr Beats happens to walk by the room and sees this sorry sight. It proves to be too much for him and so he takes it on himself to walk into the classroom where all the students are and come to her defense by lecturing everyone on how mean and unfair they are being and how they are the true cowards for not doing the right thing like she did. Oh, I'm really starting to like this boy a whole bunch! He's pretty cool. Still crossing my fingers for that noona crush....

The Jealousy
Suspicions are confirmed, Hyun Suk's assistant is indeed into him, and she sees that he is into No Ra. She worries about him giving up on his dream, this play of his that he has been working on for 10 years because he can't work things out with Idiot Husband thanks to his having a thing for the wife. I get her concern, but still worry that there is more behind it than just professional. The question still remains as to what she will be doing with this information. She's still a wild card in this game. She better behave herself if you ask me. I won't take too kindly to anyone standing in the way of my OTP.

The Witness, the Video, and the Take-down
So, No Ra is in a tough spot and caught between her conscience and the needs of her fellow students. She's having a real rough go of it and can't work out the best course of action. At this point it is pretty much her against the corrupt world of pervs with too much influence and not a lot of folks are on her side. But guess what? It turns out that there is evidence out there against the cretin. One of the students (that girl that has been looking conflicted herself through all of this and is sympathetic towards and kind to No Ra) videoed the actions of the harasser and has turned over the USB drive to No Ra.

After a night of heavy drinking, trying to figure out if she had the gumption to go through with turning this evidence over, the dirty old man ends up with a special email from her. Now, I'm somewhat unconvinced that this email originated from her, as there was a lot of booze and memories lost. But the important part is that the sleaze knows that he has been caught and that there is evidence and a witness (in the form of one Hyun Suk who shows up in his office letting him know that he saw the whole thing that night and is willing to stand as a witness against him if he doesn't resign).
Justice is served and it's delicious!
The Drunk
So, we have some missing holes on this drunken night of No Ra's. What we know is that she drinks until she passes out and Hyun Suk is called to come get her. He sees her holding the USB drive and it is assumed that he figures out the inner conflict that caused her to drink so heavily in the first place. The next thing we know, she's waking up at home in her own bed with a husband acting like nothing happened. And the sleazy professor gets his email. We get flashes of what happened that night and know that Hyun Suk brought her home. And No Ra the next morning telling herself that she did the right thing. But there's a lot of gaps we need filled in. Did she send the email? Did Hyun Suk? What exactly did she reveal to him in her drunken state? Does is have anything to do with the scene that came next?

The Double Play
Wait, "what happened next" scene? Oh yeah. The "what that happened next" scene. Hyun Suk, Idiot Husband, and Poor Unsuspecting No Ra. Remember how earlier he pulled that stunt that brought Idiot Husband and his icky mistress together? Well, he tries a similar play once again, this time with No Ra playing the role previously occupied by the mistress. He calls her over to his office to help with a bogus project, and while she's sitting there, in walks her husband, apparently with an appointment with Professor Cha of his very own. Uh oh. The plot thickens from there when Hyun Suk pulls No Ra over and puts his arm around her shoulder. Around her shoulder! In front of her husband!!!! Color me shocked!!!! Flabbergasted even! Whatever could this mean??? Just what happened that night??? I'd bet my Siwon green shorted Super Junior poster that No Ra said something about the divorce in her drunken stupor. And now he's staking his claim, either sincerely or just to help a girl out by making her husband jealous, thus increasing his interest in her.

Final Thoughts: Oh me, oh my! What a fun episode! I am adoring our OTP and can't wait to see just what went down between them that gave us such an awesome cliffhanger. I love anything that gives the Idiot Husband that absolutely awesome gobsmacked look like I enjoy so.
Yup, that's the one!

I am also enjoying watching No Ra go through her own transformation and can only hope to see it continue, especially now that this whole rotten sexual harassment issue is (hopefully) behind us once and for all. One thing I know for certain, Friday can not get here soon enough!

Back hugs and fish kisses to you all,

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