Friday, September 18, 2015

The Crazy Ahjumma's Kdrama Gossip

Think you might have missed something this last week?  Maybe a casting tidbit, or the gorgeous new ads featuring, the always gorgeous, Seo In Guk?  No worries!  The Crazy Ahjummas have you covered.  Come join Kmuse and Dongsaeng as they chat about the latest going ons in Kentertainment.


It has been a super slow week for kdrama casting.  However there are one or two things that came across our news feed.  Thankfully I am really happy with the majority of these casting decisions.

KMUSE: The first comes to us from the bubbly up and coming cheerleader drama "Sassy Go Go"  (ouch there is so much pep in that title that it makes me want to put on some goth makeup, 90's grunge flannels, and listen to some depressing music).  Idol actress Jung Eun Ji has confirmed as the peppy leading lady and one of my favorite ensemble cast characters.  Joining Eun Ji, in his first leading role, is Lee Won Geun, who I ADORE! Even though this is his first leading role, the boy has been a solid side character presence in a bunch of high profile dramas.  The role that made me fall for him, hook, line, and sinker, was when he played the younger version of the lead in "Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup".  Personally I think that drama fell apart after he left the show.  I will look forward to their talented acting and bright smiles. "Sassy Go Go" premiers after the short drama "Virtual Bride" in late October.

DONGSAENG: Sassy Go Go? With a name like that it's actually bound to turn out good since it would mean my embarrassment admitting out loud that I like a show called Sassy Go Go. I am a big Jung Eun Ji fan though and will be checking this one out, silly sounding title and all.

KMUSE: I just finished watching "Assassination" twice (would HIGHLY suggest checking it out if you have the opportunity) so Jo Jin Woong is on my "love" list.  I also really enjoyed him in last years revenge drama "Full Sun".  So color me pleased to see him "highly considering" the 2nd lead character in upcoming suspense drama "Signal".  He will play opposite Lee Je Hoon in trying to overcome time itself to solve a serial killer mystery (the two men will be using a magical two way radio to solve the case).  You might be wondering why I am so excited about a 2nd lead character.  The reason is that these writers almost never have a huge romance written into their stories (Sign, Ghost) so the chemistry between the two men is key to the success of the show.  "Signal" will be set to air in January 2016.

KMUSE: Our final casting news is somewhat unexpected, but not totally unwanted.  Yook Sung Jae, of School 2015 fame, will be taking the role of leading man opposite Moon Geun Young in upcoming mystery drama "The Village".  Sung Jae will be playing a detective who falls for Moon Geun Young amid the goings on of a mysterious death in a quiet village.  These are two people I would NEVER have thought as a possible pairing.  But who knows, maybe Yook Sung Jae's charisma will help me overcome my usual dislike of this leading lady.  Only time will tell.


KMUSE: The cops and robbers drama "Veteran" has been breaking records right and left and is coming to US theaters on September 18th.  Originally it was not set to air in Portland, but a bunch of cities were added in the last week so there is a chance your hometown has been added as well.  Be sure to check here and see if your area has a showtime.  It is always important to support the spread of Korean/Asian culture.  The more we support the more we will get in the future.

DONGSAENG: Here, here! Oh, and please come here too Veteran. Pretty please?

KMUSE: Seeing these stills from upcoming drama "She Was Pretty" I suddenly get the urge to pray for more than the usual love rectangle.  I would much rather see something similar to "Protect the Boss" where the love lines turn into bestie lines.  Hwang Jung Eum & Go Joon Hee are just adorable together.  "She Was Pretty" is set to air on September 16th.

DONGSAENG: I'm getting really excited about this one! *whispers* Excited enough to take it on as my next recap even.*


KMUSE: First up is Isenberg's 2015 fall/winter campaign featuring Park Min Young and my #1 bias, the ever sexy, Seo In Guk.

I actually commented after their last photo shoot, that these two would do great in a drama together.  They just seem to click visually.  Maybe if all us fangirls start praying the drama gods will answer our prayers.  It's worth a shot.

DONGSAENG: They may look cute together, but do we really want him spending so much time with her? That's dangerous....

KMUSE: Still haven't gotten enough Seo In Guk?  Then check him here for his CF for Vostro.  Usually catalog photos are super boring, but Seo In Guk brings the looks to life.  I 100% wish I had this catalog on hand.

DONGSAENG: I disagree. I don't think he makes a very good model for a catalog at all. I mean, I'm not even looking at the clothes. Same reason why he makes a very bad lead in a drama, because I can't focus on the story, I'm so busy staring at him in awe. ;) But seriously, hubba hubba! Boy looks absolutely delish here! 

KMUSE: New CNBLUE promos have me super excited for their upcoming MV "Cinderella".  They are obviously going for a more mature look, and boy does it look good on them.  100% YUMMY. I can only hope that the song is good enough to do all this eye candy justice.

DONGSAENG: Hellloooo CNBLUE and welcome back! That would have to be one hecka crappy song to spoil such eye candy. Just sayin'.

That is all the news for now.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get all the latest recaps, pictures, & news as we sift through things so you don't have to.  

Back hugs and fish kisses to you all,

Dongsaeng & Kmuse


  1. Haha! I actually downloaded the pdf file of that catalog here:
    Coz that catalog needs to be saved in my precious external drive!!!

    1. I totally support that. Never has there been a better catalog. All SIG all the time :)

  2. Veteran is coming to Phoenix! Woohoo! Go Phx!

    1. I am so excited. I even talked one of my non kdrama watching friends into going to it with me.


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