Friday, September 18, 2015

Upcoming Drama "Bubblegum" Drops Quirky 1st Teaser

I was wondering when we were going to start getting any promotion from upcoming romantic dramedy "Bubblegum". Especially since I love both of the actors and try to watch everything they put out.

KMUSE: Jung Ryeo Won!  How I have missed her fun presence on my TV screen.  Sure she did "Medical Top Team" in 2013, but it was a medical show's even in the title..............and, well, was a tiny bit boring.  So it has definitely been a while since I have seen my top girl crush in action.

DONGSAENG: It's not often when I see a teaser and get all giddy because of the girl. And by "not often" I mean like never. But as soon as I saw Jung Ryeo Won, I squeeeed nice and loud like a good little fangirl should. I LOVE her! Love, love, love, love, lovey love her. She is by far my absolute favorite actress. I will watch anything and everything that she is in, yes, even Medical Top Team (even if I, friend of medical dramas, found that one a bit tiring too - honestly I don't even know if I finished it). She just plain rocks. Hard.

KMUSE: Awww Lee Dong Wook!  Sure I know that some people say you overact and are not their style.  Luckily, this Ahjumma is happy to welcome you with open be on my TV of course.  I actually was thrilled when I heard he was going to be the leading man to Jung Ryeo Won's leading lady.  They match really well.

DONGSAENG: I agree that these two match well! I'm not the biggest Lee Dong Wook fan out there, but I certainly am not opposed to him. He has definitely won me over a time or two. That was my first impression though with this trailer - that they match very well together and that this should be really fun to see.

KMUSE: I have a feeling that this truly will be a dramedy.  Sure the trailer might be all lighthearted and cute, but the synopsis has a lot of serious overtones in it.  This is a drama about people with problems coming together and finding happiness, set in the locations of a hospital and radio station.  Which is a really odd combo, but I am hypothesizing that maybe there is a doctor help program or something going on.  Either way, I am fully in on the cast alone, so am crossing my fingers and hoping for a solid script to go with it.

DONGSAENG: That's what I love about these two - they are both able to do the comedy as well as the heavy drama, especially Ryeo Won. If I had to pick anyone for a dramedy, she would be my absolute first choice, no question about it. She plays both funny and serious perfectly and can easily transition between the two. The trailer is very lighthearted and silly fun, which gives me a whole lot of hope. Out of every genre or sub-genre, dramedy is one of my favorites. I love a show that can deal with some heavy topics and still keep a lightness to it. Humor in the face of difficulty - it's a beautiful thing. As is Lee Dong Wook walking with Jung Ryeo Won's hand in his butt pocket. Do I even want to know? ;)

"Bubblegum" is set to air October 26th on TvN.


  1. I totally cool with a dramaty or something lighthearted. Looking forward to it.

  2. I totally cool with a dramady or something lighthearted. Looking forward to it.


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