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The Crazy Ahjumma's Kdrama Gossip

Its that time again when, we here at "The Crazy Ahjummas", come together to chat about all the latest casting news, Kdrama stills, and sexy photo shoots that have occurred over the last several weeks. So come and join us at the kdrama water cooler for all the latest Kentertainment gossip

Goodbye Mr Black
When I heard that there was going to be a drama loosely based on the story "The Count of Monte Cristo" I was already on board.  My excitement turned into an obsession once I heard who was going to be starring in this classic adaptation.  Lee Jin Wook (Three Musketeers) is jumping straight back onto the kdrama horse after his last flop (the "In Time With You" remake).  Which is all for the best since the sooner I forget that drama the better.  Joining him will be another one of my girl crushes, Moon Chae Won (Good Doctor), who is known for her spot on dramatic timing.

And than on top of all our awesome OTP goodness we have Mr Apple Butt himself Song Jae Rim (Unkind Women) as a news editor who believes that the media is all powerful.  Sadly, this means that he will either be 2nd lead or just a sidekick character.  But still, he is back on my TV screen looking gorgeous, so "YAY!"

KMUSE: Also in talks to join the cast (some sources have it confirmed since we wrote this) is Kim Kang Woo (Missing Noir M) who I assume might be playing the antagonist.  That is just an assumption, since all I know is that Kim Kang Woo will be playing a powerful hotel conglomerate. And since Lee Jin Wook and Song Jae Rim are also in the drama, I have to assume that KKW is the big bad.  If anyone knows for sure send us a quick note in the comments.

 DONGSAENG: Yup. Fully on-board with this whole cast. Four enthusiastic thumbs up!
KMUSE: Kim Hye Soo (Queen of Office), joins all-star cast led by Lee Je-hoon (Secret Door) and Jo Jin-woong (Full Sun), rounding out the leads for the suspense drama "Signal".  Signal is the story of detectives both in the past and present, who are communicating on a two way radio to solve cold cases.

KMUSE: Judging by the writers past dramas (Sign, Ghost) I am not expecting much romance.  But even without love being on the table, good chemistry is important.  I can definitely see how this cast could have some amazing chemistry.

DONGSAENG: For sure - chemistry doesn't have to stem from just the romance side of things. So long as it's got a good story and solid writing, who needs love anyway? Although, if I'm being honest, it would be a total waste to not have Lee Je Joon kissin' on someone.... Yum.

Vampire Detective
KMUSE: I tend to love Vampires.  I have a great love of Lee Joon.  Put those two things together and what do you have?  The latest OCN drama "Vampire Detective".  I guess since "Vampire Prosecutor" is a no-go due to some actors not wanting to make the third part of the series, the OCN executives are looking to do a spinoff.  Not in the literal sense, but in the same world that "VP" occupies.  Enter Lee Joon who will be playing a brilliant PI who has the added hardship of being a vampire due to an accident.  Hmmm.  They really aren't trying hard to come up with a new concept on this one are they? 

DONGSAENG: Hmmm...spin-off, huh? Hmmmm...... *suspicious side glance with raised eyebrow*

KMUSE: However it is Lee Joon so there is no way I will be saying "pass" anytime soon.  Is it to much to ask for that he channels some of his MBLAQ guyliner styling for the character? I am a firm believer that vampire kdramas must use guyliner.


Empire of the Sun
First up is a gorgeous photo coming to us courtesy of upcoming juggernaut drama "Empire of The Sun" starring Song Joong Ki. 

KMUSE: Yum, military comes through by making our kdrama stars sexier, yet again.  I am still a little hesitant about the drama, which will almost all be filmed outside of Korea. But for a sexy Song Joong Ki, consider me on board.

DONGSAENG: Aww, but look how good filming outside of Korea did for, say, Heirs. We got great characters like this guy out of the adventure. (sorry, first example of filming outside of Korea that came to mind *gigglesnort*)

Sassy Go Go
KMUSE: Hmmm, not my favorite.  It just feels a bit odd. Like maybe they are trying to become one with the birds or something.  Or maybe it is the pastel color pallet.  Just not my style.

DONGSAENG: ....Yup, it's a poster. Go team! 

DONGSAENG: The overalls aren't working for me, but I don't even care. It's Jung Ryeo Won. It's also Lee Dong Wook blowing a bubble with those sexy lips of his. Yup. No complaints on this one. Except that this drama is still too far away.

KMUSE:  The two things I took away from these stills are: 1. I love that Lee Dong Wook is blowing bubbles.  So meta! & 2. I kind of like that they have the same hair color.  It makes them look like such a couple (is couple hair a thing?)  These two just match from head to toe.

Jang Hyuk & "God of Commerce"
DONGSAENG: *big goofy, cheesy cat-that-just-ate-the-canary grin* heeeeeheeeeeheeeee~~

KMUSE: I know that we can always expect a shirtless scene from a Jang Hyuk drama.  Once again, they did not disappoint me.  Also huge points for sexy Jang Hyuk getting creatively shirtless since this is a sageuk.  It is always hard to fit in that shower scene in historicals and a waterfall totally counts.  I will be checking this out on Wednesday.

~Magazine Photo Spreads~

Joo Won
KMUSE: These photos are from GGIO F/W 2015 Ad Campaign.  I do have to admit that Joo Won is one sexy man.  However, for me his strength is always going to be his acting.  So while I appreciate the photos, they don't give me the full Joo Won factor I get from watching his dramas.  But they are a solid second best.

DONGSAENG: Hellooooo there my beautiful man you. Joo Wonna cuddle? I do agree though that he is best seen in action. But yeah, I wouldn't kick these photos out of bed for eating crackers.....

She Was Pretty Cast
DONGSAENG: These pairings in this photo shoot are killing me. Only two episodes into this drama and I can already tell it's going to drive me crazy. Two female and two male leads that I like, but one couple that just has to end up together no matter what, and they're going to insist on jumbling it all up. Agh!! But -- I must say -- holy hotness like butter melting on toast! These shots are gorgeous.

KMUSE:  Cosmopolitan had a winning photo shoot with these four actors.  How can so much sexiness be stuffed into six photos.  My only wish is that someday Hwang Jung Eum will get to wear similar clothes in a drama.  They always dress her so poorly.  Sure I know she plays crazy characters, but even when she is playing a rich girl or a career woman, it is always back to the baggy or odd clothing.  I would love to see her in that green dress on screen someday.

Well that is all the Kgossip for now.  For more information on ongoing and upcoming dramas remember to check us out on FaceBook       or follow us on twitter at @Thecrazyahjummas or @amberkmuse.  We look forward to discussing all these dramas and more with you soon.


  1. Loving this drama and your recaps. This sleeper drama is gaining in popularity as the story builds each week. It is definitely approaching my top favorite spot only half way through. The wroter has brought us solid dramas in the past, so we can expect that we won't be disappointed with the next half of the series. I'll be eagerly waiting this week's episodes.

  2. Vampires! I'm a huge fan of well done vampire stories. The problem is finding a well done vampire story, like Vampire Prosecutor. Sigh I would love to see a third season of Vampire Prosecutor. Also---> Jang Hyuk!! I can't wait to watch his new drama. Showers under water falls, I hope there is more than one.

    1. my favorite part of Chuno was so many shirtless (or almost) scenes of Jang Hyuk. Something along that level in regards to clothing would be highly appreciated.


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